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(A+) He was the emperor of Rome, following the death of Augustus.

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Q: Which is not a description of livius andronicus?
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Who is the father of roman tragedy?

There is not really a father of Roman tragedy. Its development was the work of five men. No complete Roman tragedies have survived. The first dramatic works, both in tragedy and comedy, started with Lucius Livius Andronicus (c. 280/260 BC-c. 200 BC) and set the initial parameters of Latin tragedy. Livius Gnaeus Naevius begun to write tragedies few year later. Quintus Ennius, Marcus Pacuvius (220 BC -130 BC) and Lucius Accius (170 - c. 86 BC) also wrote tragedies. The Praetexta Fabula genre of roman tragedy was started by Graneus Naevius. It dealt with themes of Roman historical figures, rather than Greek myths. Ennius, Pacuvius, and Lucius Accius Lucius Accius was considered the best of these tragedy writers. Much of his work was based on Aeschylus. Ennius was the writer who first elevated tragedy to a position of status and regard. Ennius was also considered the father of Roman poetry. He also wrote comedies and poems and wrote the first Latin poem which adopted the dactylic hexameter metre used in Greek epic and didactic poetry, and became the standard metre for this kind of poetry in Latin. Livius Andronicus started the Fabula palliata or Palliata Comoedia palliate a genre of comedy which reworked in Latin the Greek New Comedy (the final form of Greek comedy).

Why were the assrian soldiers considered brutal and cruel?

This is a description which can be described as propaganda. An examination of all the armies of the ancient world would attact the description 'brutal and cruel'. Similarly an examination of al the armies of the mediaeval world would attact the description 'brutal and cruel'. Similarly an examination of al the armies of the modern world would attact the description 'brutal and cruel' is you wanted to denigrate any of them to suit a particular agenda. War is 'brutal and cruel'.

What is a description of antinous treatment of odysseus?

yes thank you for asking

Who wrote many plays about Ancient Romans and English Kings?

Shakespeare... he wrote plays about English Kings from 'Henry the IV' to 'Richard the III' and tragedies about ancient Romans such as 'Julius Caesar' and 'Marc Antony and Cleopatra,' 'Coriolanus' and 'Titus Andronicus' He also wrote plays about Ancient Greeks as well.

What type of society did Egypt have?

A social pyramid that depended on job description.

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Who translated the Greek odyssey into Latin?

livius andronicus

Who was Livius Andronicus?

It is thought that Livius Andronicus was a Greek slave who was taken to Rome from the Greek city of Tarentum in southern Italy. He was an educator who translated Homer's Odyssey and other Greek works to teach in the school he set up. He wrote tragedies and comedies for the stage which were the first works of Latin literature.and was considered to be the originator of Latin literature. He wrote the first play with a full plot in Latin. He wrote themes based on Greek myths and comedies in the New Comedy style of Greece.

When did formal latin literature begin in rome?

It began in 240 BC when a Roman audience saw a Latin version of a Greek play. The play was adapted by Livius Andronicus, who earlier had been a prisoner of war in 272 BC

How did Marcus Livius Drusus impact ancient Rome?

Please specify which Marcus Livius Drusus you are referring to.

What is Liam in Latin?


When did Titus Livius die?

Titus Livius was born in 0059, in Patavium, Roman Republic (now Padua, Veneto, Italy).

When did Andronicus Callistus die?

Andronicus Callistus died in 1476.

When was Papilio andronicus created?

Papilio andronicus was created in 1871.

What has the author Wilhelm Soltau written?

Wilhelm Soltau has written: 'Livius' Geschichtswerk' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Livius' Quellen in der III. Dekade..'

When did Pope Andronicus of Alexandria die?

Pope Andronicus of Alexandria died in 622.

What is Andronicus III Palaeologus's birthday?

Andronicus III Palaeologus was born on March 25, 1297.

When was Andronicus III Palaeologus born?

Andronicus III Palaeologus was born on March 25, 1297.