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Greek Mythology is older.

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Q: Which is older Greek mythology or the Bible?
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Is Samson and Delilah Greek or Bible?

They are biblical and not Greek mythology.

Was greek mythology the longest lasting mythology?

Greek is not the longest lasting mythology there are older civilization with older myths. Greek however is the most "famous" (i guess that would be the most appropriate word). it is the most studied

Is Pegasus talked about in the Bible?

No. Pegasus, from Greek Mythology, is not mentioned in the Bible.

Is Greek mythology like a bible to the Greeks?

no... they are more like folk tales... Greek Mythology has nothing to do with religion.

Where is electra found in the bible?

Electra is a character in Greek mythology (the daughter of King Agamemnon). There is nobody of that name in the Bible.

Did greek mythology exist at the time of Noah?

Greek Mythology pre-dates Noah and the tales of the Bible; so, yes, it did, so too did Egyptian Mythology.

Is Medusa in The Bible?

No, Medusa is a Gorgon from Greek mythology.

Who is Electra and where you found her pass in the Bible?

It is not in the Bible. In Greek mythology, Electra was the daughter of King Agamemnon as Electra or Elektra is a Greek tragedy by Sophocles.

Uses allusions to the Bible and Greek mythology?

In many religious traditions as well as the Greek mythology, Hell is a place of suffering and punishment in the afterlife, often in the underworld.

Who was the sister of Apollo in Greek mythology?

Artemis is the (older) twin sister of Apollo.

Does the Speech in the Virginia Convention use allusions to the Bible and Greek mythology?


Is there an Aphrodite in the Bible?

No, it is in Greek mythology - the goddess of love and beauty, pleasure and procreation.