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gold and copper because they were soft enough to be hammered

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The first metal used by humans for tools is bronze.

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Q: Which metals were the first to be used during the Neolithic Age?
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Which metals were the first to the used during the neolithic age?

gold and copper because they were soft enough to be hammered

What metals were used by neolithic people for tools?


When were metals used in the Neolithic age?

20 years later

Which of these statements represents a fact rather than an opinion that could be used to support an essay about the Neolithic Revolution?

the first agricultural societies developed during the Neolithic Revolution.

Who used the term Neolithic revolution?

The term Neolithic revolution was first used by the man V. Gordon Childe.V. Gordon Childe was the first man to use the term Neolithic revolution.

Was irrigation used during Neolithic Age?

sumerian irrigation systems

What materials were first used by neolithic people to make clothing?

They used plant fiber animal skin

Where WERE metals were first used?

this makes no sense

When were metals first used and what was it used for?

bronze metal was the first metal to be used in ancient times.

What is neolithic in a sentence?

The neolithic age was the one when neolithic weapons were used. It was a part of the stone age also.

What tools did sumerians used?

The Sumerians were in existence during the Neolithic and early Bronze Age. They used stone hammers and bronze implements and weapons.

Is Egypt a Paleolithic tribe or a Neolithic community?

neither, Egypt refers to a nation-state which existed after the neolithic communities of the region. Early Egyptians may have used neolithic stone technology but the Empire of Egypt also existed during the bronze and iron ages.