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gold and copper because they were soft enough to be hammered

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Q: Which metals were the first to be used during the Neolithic Age?
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What were the first metals to be used by humans?


What is the difference between Paleolithic age and Neolithic age?

neolithic had fire ,Paleolithic didn'tOne of the main differences between the palaeolithic and neolithic periods was in the main methods people used to acquire food. In the palaeolithic, anatomically modern humans and their ancestors were mainly nomadic hunter gatherers. By the neolithic people had developed farming, allowing them to live in settlements such as villages and towns. Diet also changed as a result of people eating more cereals and other farmed crops.Compared to the neolithic, the palaeolithic people had a far less complex technology. They used basic stone, bone and antler tools and developments such as art and other forms of "higher culture" only occur in the later stages of the palaeolithic. Neolithic people mastered the use of many more types of raw material, notably clays to make pottery and the beginnings of metalworking. Exchange and trade networks were also comparatively more developed.BY BRYAN AMARCOS M

What were Neolithic houses built out of?

Neolithic houses were made of varying materials depending on the region. For example, houses in the British Isles were often made of mud and woven twigs. The thatched roof had a hole left in it for smoke to escape as they cooked and heated indoors with fire. In other locations, mud bricks or combinations of mud and stones were used.

What were the jobs in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods?

Jobs The Paleolithic Jobs Were doing Gathering Wild Plants The Job Was Called Gatherers The Gather Wild Plants Which was an old Job Before The Neolithic Age Had The Job Of Farming They Harvested Crops And Planted Seed. Communitites The Neolithic Communities Grew Bigger And Had Larger Communities.The Paleolithic May Had Smaller Since The Hunting Job Became Dangerous And Had Some People Injured Or Killed...... Shelter The Paleolithic Had Lived In Caves or Roughs And Had Hard time Living.. The Neolithic Had Used Stronger Items to make Their Home They Used Mud Bricks To Create their homes more stronger and stronger to hold from Dangerous Animals Attacking Or Strong Storms Food Supply The Paleolithic Had Food By Killing Animals And Gathering Wild Plants And Became Dangerous The Neolithic Food Became Better By Harvesting Crops And Planting Seeds...... That's All I Know Please Use This Stufff For What your doing and my information might help Bye Bye ^^

When was a Shaduf first used?

The Shaduf was first used in Ancient Egypt.AnswerThe Shaduf was first developed and used in Ancient Mesopotamia, a few centuries before Ancient Egypt.

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Which metals were the first to the used during the neolithic age?

gold and copper because they were soft enough to be hammered

What metals were used by neolithic people for tools?


Why were copper and gold most likely the first metals to be used in the Neolithic Age?

They Were Soft Enough to be hammerd or cut.

When were metals used in the Neolithic age?

20 years later

Which of these statements represents a fact rather than an opinion that could be used to support an essay about the Neolithic Revolution?

the first agricultural societies developed during the Neolithic Revolution.

What metals were the first used during the neolithic age?

The metals copper, gold, meteoric iron, which are available in their metallic form naturally without needing smelting or other high temperature processing of ores. The first commonly used metal tools were copper tools. Gold and meteoric iron due to their rarity were usually reserved for kings or religious purposes.

Who used the term Neolithic revolution?

The term Neolithic revolution was first used by the man V. Gordon Childe.V. Gordon Childe was the first man to use the term Neolithic revolution.

Was irrigation used during Neolithic Age?

sumerian irrigation systems

What materials were first used by neolithic people to make clothing?

They used plant fiber animal skin

Why were copper and golld most likely the first metals to be used during the Neolithic Age?

Both metals can be found relatively easily as free metal (not combined with any other elements) in the ground. They are also quite malleable, and can be worked into tools and jewelry with little or no heating of the metal. Iron, on the other hand, cannot be obtained in pure form unless it is smelted from iron ore at a very high temperature.

What were the first metals to be used by humans?


Where WERE metals were first used?

this makes no sense

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