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Q: Which refers to the main acting space of a Classical Greek theatre?
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How is Noh theatre similar to Greek theatre?

Noh (or Nōgaku) is a classical Japanese musical drama originating in the 14th century AD, which, unlike Ancient Greek theatre, is still extant in its traditional forms today. Much of the craft of acting and producing Nōgaku emphasizes tradion

What were the acting styles used in Greek style theatre?

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What book refers to Greek and Roman civilizations?

Any classical history book refers to Greek and Roman civilizations. Check you library shelves for the titles.

What word refers to the recovery of the classical Greek and roman learning?


What term refers to the inner chamber of a temple in classical architecture?

The inner chamber of a classical Greek temple is known as the 'naos' in Greek, or also 'cella' in Latin.

What were the main cultural legacies of the Hellenic Age of Classical Greek Civilization?

Art, architecture, theatre, literature.

Did both men and women act in greek classical dramas?

No. Theatre in ancient Greece was composed of all men.

Which classical civilization was most reliant on slave labor?

The term classical civilisation refers to the Greek and the Roman civilisations. Neither of them were completely reliant of slave labour.

Which sentence describes a convention of Classical Greek sculpture?

The sentence that describes a convention of Classical Greek sculpture is figures show a combination of ideal beauty and naturalistic detail and proportion. Classical sculpture refers loosely to the forms of sculpture from ancient Greece andÊancient Rome.Ê

Both men and women acted in Greek classical dramas.?

No, only men were acting in ancient drama during classical time in Greece. Men were performing the female roles as well.

Why did people go to the theatre in Greek times?

theatre greek

What is heightened realism in theater?

Where the acting is realistic enough to be understood by the audience, but where the emotions and gestures of the actors are exaggerated. Like in Ancient Greek Theatre.