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Greek architecture was superior to Persian architecture.

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Q: Which statement about ancient Greece is an opinion rather then a fact?
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Would you rather have lived in ancient china or ancient Greece?

ancient greece

Who tended to divide rather than unify the people of ancient Greece?

The forms of government in ancient Greece tended to divide the people of Greece rather than unify them.

What kinds of words often indicate that a statement is an opinion rather than a fact?

Words like "I believe," "I think," "in my opinion," "probably," and "likely" typically indicate that a statement is an opinion rather than a fact. These words signal that the statement is based on personal interpretation or belief rather than objective evidence.

What statement taken from the paragraph is most likely to be opinion rather than fact?

"The movie was incredibly boring and poorly made." This statement reflects the author's subjective viewpoint and can be considered an opinion rather than a verifiable fact.

What is the political difference between ancient Greece and ancient Rome?

There were several differences, but in my opinion the most significant was the lack of a central authority in ancient Greece as opposed to ancient Rome. Greece was a rather loose association of city-states and leagues, constantly quarreling among themselves and prone to shifting alliances. It was many small communities tied together only by a common heritage, whereas Rome was many different communities which were held together to make one big community.

Is It A Fact Or Opinion That A statement That Can BeProven Is A What?

Fact. A statement that can be proven is based on evidence or objective criteria, making it a fact rather than an opinion. Facts are verifiable and not influenced by personal beliefs or feelings.

What is the origin of marriage?

Marriage originated in ancient Greece. People in ancient Greece married not for love but rather for inheritance. Women could be forced to marry their nearest male relative after her father died.

When was ancient Greece founded and by who?

Ancient Greece wasn't "founded", it just kind of happened and no particular person sat down and wrote up the "Constitution of Ancient Greece." Rather, it was a collection of independent city-states founded at various times by different people or groups of people, who certainly would not have regarded themselves as "ancient" anything, but rather as the very cutting edge and pinnacle of culture (and in some ways they were right to do so).

Which statement about President Theodore Roosevelt square deal is an opinion rather than a fact?

The Square Deal was better than any other president's program would be a statement about President Theodore Roosevelt's square deal that is an opinion rather than a fact. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. President.

Which statement about the worldwide depression of the 1930s is a fact rather than an opinion?

germany was hurt more by the treaty of versailles than by the depression

Did Ancient Greece have a president?

Ancient Greece (specifically, Athens) practiced Direct Democracy. There was no president, nor were there governmental representatives. The people voted directly on the issues themselves rather than having representatives in government.

Who invited the wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow wasn't invented by a specific person. Rather, it was invented by the Greeks in Ancient Greece. It was invented in around 406 B.C.