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The most famous of all ancient Egyptian scripts is hieroglyphic. The Mayans also used the Mayan hieroglyphic.

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Q: Which type of writing system did both the Maya and the Egyptians develop?
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What system of writing did the Maya's develop?


What were the maya the first to use?

The Maya were known for their advancements in mathematics, astronomy, and hieroglyphic writing. They were the first to develop a complex writing system in Mesoamerica and made significant contributions to calendar systems and celestial observations.

How was the writing system of the Mayas different from the olmec?

like the Olmec before them, the Maya developed a form of writing. However, the maya writing system was more complex.

Did the Maya the Aztec or the Inca have a writing system?

I know the Inca did not have a writing system, but they did have a speaking language/system. I do not know about the Mayas and the Aztecs. I am researching them.

Which civilization had an advanced system of writing that was difficult to decipher?


What civilization created the oldest writing system in the Americas?

The Maya

How did the Maya preserve their history?

By creating their own writing system

Why was the writing system important for other Maya advances in learning?

So that maya cilvilitation wasent curp

What do archaeologists call the basic unit in the Aztec and Maya system of writing?

Archaeologists refer to the basic unit in the Aztec and Maya system of writing as glyphs. These glyphs often represent sounds, words, or whole ideas in their respective writing systems.

Which civilization was the first to develop a counting system based on the number 20?

the mayans -maya

What is the rise of the Maya?

The rise of the Maya refers to the period in Mesoamerican history when the Maya civilization began to develop and flourish, around 2000 BCE. During this time, the Maya built sophisticated cities, developed a complex writing system, made advances in mathematics and astronomy, and created impressive artwork. This period of growth lasted until around 900 CE when many Maya cities were abandoned for reasons that are still not fully understood.

What do archaeologists call the basic unit in th Aztec and Maya system of writing?

Archaeologists call the basic unit in the Aztec and Mayan system of writing is called a glyph.