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Q: Who are the Grecian gods?
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Why was cyclopes important in greek mythology?

Cyclops was important in Grecian mythology because it was one of the most famous monsters of all time. It appears in several Grecian stories including the Odyssey.Furthermore the original 3 Cyclopses were the black smiths of the gods.

Was Saturn his Roman or Greek name?

Saturn was the Roman equivalent of Cronus.Saturn is a Roman god, the equivalent of Greek god Cronus. He is associated with the harvest, justice, and strength, and his symbol is the sickle. Keep in mind, of course, that the Romans merely took the Grecian gods and renamed them (this was in order to keep the peace when they took over Greece--and also because their own gods were a bit lacking). So the Roman gods technically are the Greek gods...just called by a different name.

This civilization conducted extensive trade in the mediterranean around 750 BC?


Are the Greek gods and goddesses real?

As is the case with all gods, they are real to the people who worship them. To the ancient Greeks, their gods and goddesses were just as real as the Abrahamic God is to modern Christians, Muslims and Jews. They worshiped and prayed to the gods whenever the need arose. They believed that if they offended any of the gods, then disaster would befall them. In the scientific sense, gods and goddesses may not be real, but faith made them so in terms of their effect on people's lives.No, the Greek gods and goddesses are not real. In the ancient times, the Grecian people did not know the reason behind simple events, such as thunderstorms. As a result of this, they made up the gods and goddesses to give meanings to various events, not only thunderstorms, but also drought, famine, and death. It is said that creating these myths gave the people a sense of comfort and knowledge because it showed that everything had a cause that was logical to the Greek mind.

What is the typical design of a Grecian dress?

Women's clothing from ancient Greece came in a few different forms. One typical Grecian dress design is the peplos, which was made of heavy wool and had shoulder clasps. The upper part of this dress was folded down to the waist.

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