Who are the mythical gods?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Mythical Characters are creatures (Roman/Greek) that were legends per-say that were believed to be true... They are both in the Roman and the Greek legends but have different names like there gods/goddesses.

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Any god or goddess whose religion is referred to as "myth" must be considered a mythical god or goddess.

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Q: Who are the mythical gods?
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What is the difference between superheroes and mythical gods?

Mythical Gods have no weakness.

Are pagan gods real or mythical?

As real and as mythical as any other deity you can name.My Take:Some people think all gods are Mythical. General belief is that the pagan gods of old are Mythical and as they are called the pagan gods, most people can't even remember them.So the answer your teacher is looking for Pagan Gods = MythicalGod of Christianity not.

Is there a god of mythical creatures?

That I know of but many gods are associated with certain mythical creatures.

How do you send a letter to the Greek gods?

You cannot send a letter to the Greek Gods because they are mythical. The postal service does not deliver letters to mythical places. You can pray to the gods which is similar to sending a letter.

Who was the mythical messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow?


How can you kill Zeus?

You can't, mythical gods are immortal.

Where is the place of the Greek mythical gods lived?

Mount Olympus

Which mythical creature was sent to a Titan as a punishment for offending the gods?


What is the oddesey?

homers second epic dealing with gods and mythical creatures

How do you communicate with hades?

You cannot. As with all gods it is mythical or a matter of faith.

A mythical creature that start with the letter X?

Xiombarg (one of the Mad Gods)

The purpose of the olympic game was to?

The first Olympic games were a religious dedication to the 12 Olympian mythical Gods. The games featured athletic sports that were said to be mythical occurrences that were accomplished by the Gods.