Who created the republic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ancient Greece were the first country to create the republic.

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Q: Who created the republic?
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Which feature of Ancient Rome made it republic?

The Romans created a republic to make sure that there would be no dynastic, authoritarian rule over them as they experienced with the kings. By limiting the term of office of their elected officials and imposing time limits before they could be reelected to office, they achieved this.

When was the Roman Republic founded?

about 509 B.C.The Roman Republic was founded in the year 509 BC. Rome was a flourishing city in ancient times and was a Republic government.

Who started republic?

The origins of the Republic system stem from neither Revolutionary France nor ancient Rome. Ancient B.C. Greece was the founder of the Republic with philosophers, theorists and humanists contemplating methods of governance resulting in a balanced formation of the Republic.

Why did the roman republic wanted no leader to become powerful?

The Roman Republic was created with the overthrow of the last king of Rome, who was a tyrant, in 509 BC. The Romans decided to abolish the monarchy and establish the republic. The purpose of the republic was to avoid the return of tyranny. The king was replaced by two annually elected consuls. Having two men in charge meant that they could counterbalance each other. The short term of office meant that no one could concentrate power in their hands. The Romans also swore not to let anyone try to became a king. Monarchy was associated with tyranny. In the early republic one man was made to commit suicide and another one was executed because of accusations of trying to become a king. The intention of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC was to save the republic. The conspirators thought that he was aiming at becoming a king and therefore a tyrant.

What was the highest elected position in the roman republic?

The consul The highest elected position in the Roman republic is High Priest.

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