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He didn't - it was Athena who out of pity turned Atlas to stone with Medusa's head to relieve him of holding up the Ouranos or sky from the Earth; he then became the Atlas mountains

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Q: Who did Perseus turn into stone with the Gorgon's head?
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Who was Medusa the goron?

Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. ( Three women with snake hair and eyes that can turn you to stone.) She was slayed by the hero Perseus.

What is the conflict in gorgons head story?

The conflict in the story of Perseus and Medusa's head is mainly between Perseus and Medusa. Perseus must find a way to defeat Medusa, who can turn people to stone with her gaze, in order to fulfill his quest and protect his kingdom. It is also symbolic of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

How many Gorgons were there?

There were three gorgons. There head looks weird and their hair is made of snakes. If you look at them you will turn to stone. The most powerful gorgon was Medusa.

How is the evil gorgon's head is beneficial to persues?

Perseus used the severed head of the Medusa - to turn the Kraken into stone.

What creatures can turn men into stone?

The Three Gorgons were the creatures that could turn people to stone.

Did Artemis use Medusa to turn a sea dragon into stone?

Medusa's head was used to turn a sea dragon to stone, but it was Perseus who used it, not Artemis

How does perseus kill the kraken in clash of the titens?

He used the head of Medusa to turn the Kraken to stone.

What did frank retrieve from the river after the two gorgons died?

In Greek mythology, after the two Gorgons, Stheno and Euryale, were killed by Perseus, Frank retrieved their heads from the river to use as weapons. These heads had the power to turn enemies into stone if they gazed upon them.

Did Medusa try not to turn people to stone?

Perseus used her severed head to turn Atlas to stone. Later he rescued princess Andromeda from being eaten by a sea monster, which Perseus also turned to stone.

How did Perseus turn Atlas to stone?

He took the head of Medusa out of his bad. Anyone you looks at Medusa's face gets turned to stone.

What does Perseus give to Danae and Polydectes?

perseuse gives Polydectes medusa's head and they turn to stone but Danae doesn't because Perseus worns her daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What Up!

How did Perseus fight the Kraken in the clash of the titans?

He raises Medusa's head to turn it into stone where it crumbles and falls into the sea.