Who is aristophanes wife?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it the tyra woodsthe greek queen of the woods and tyra

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are you sure this is correct

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Q: Who is aristophanes wife?
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When did Aristophanes of Byzantium die?

Aristophanes born in 446 BC

When did aristophanes die?

Aristophanes died in 386 BC

Was Aristophanes a writer?

No. Aristophanes was a writer of comic plays.

When was Aristophanes of Byzantium born?

Aristophanes of Byzantium was born in -257.

Was aristophanes a tragedy writer?

No. Aristophanes was a writer of comic plays.

Who was famous for his comedies Aeschylus or Aristophanes?

The person who was famous for his comedies was Aristophanes

What has the author Aristophanes written?

Aristophanes has written: 'Aristophanis Byzantii fragmenta'

Famous greek playright who wrote first comedy?


What is the name of a comic written by Aristophanes?

Aristophanes didnt write comics.

What is Aristophanes famous for?

Aristophanes was the greatest comedy writer of his day, the 5th Century BC

Did Aristophanes have any siblings?

Very little is known about Aristophanes. He was born in approximately 450 BCE into an Athenian family. The only information available about Aristophanes family is that they were not poor and Athenian.

What were Aristophanes' contributions to his community?

Aristophanes was an important writer in Ancient Greece because he began a new style of writing. Aristophanes was the first author to create New Greek Comedy.