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Q: Who is called as mihira in Indian mythology?
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What is fire called in Indian mythology?

fire is called agni in Indian mythology

What is fire in Indian mythology?

fire is called agni in Indian mythology

When did Mihira Bhoja I die?

Mihira Bhoja I was born in 836.

Does Vedas come in Indian mythology?

yes.Vedas are an important part of the Indian mythology.

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Who is known as gahmuret in Indian mythology?


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What is an apsara?

An apsaras is an alternative name for an apsara, a female spirit in Indian mythology of the clouds and waters.

What was the name of the wife of bhima in Indian mythology?


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What has the author Sheila Claire Cosminsky written?

Sheila Claire Cosminsky has written: 'An analysis of Wasco-Wishram mythology' -- subject(s): Tlakluit mythology, Indian mythology, Wasco mythology

How is apocalypse in Norwegian mythology called?

The apocolypse in Norse Mythology is called Ragnarok.