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Ixion is.

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Q: Who is eternally tied to a flaming spinning wheel of fire - Phlegyas Tantalus Ixion Or Tityas?
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What were 3 punishments Tartarus did to torment the sinner?

There weren't just three punishments, but three were documented. You are thinking of the most famous of Tartarus' residents (aside from the Titans): Sisyphus, Tantalus and Ixion. Sisyphus was assigned to endlessly push a boulder up a steep incline. He was told his task would be finished when he reached the top, but before he could, the boulder always slipped out of his hands and rolled to the bottom. Tantalus was made to stand in a pool of water with a grape vine nearby. Anytime he went to eat, the grapes moved away. He was made to stand in a pool if water for ever, he was unable to drink, and with a fruit tree just in his reach he was unable to eat. Any time he went to drink, the water ebbed away. Additionally, there was a large boulder placed above his head, so he couldn't move away. Finally Ixion was strapped to a flaming wheel that never stopped moving. Traditionally, though, anyone who did more evil than good would spend an eternity punished in Tartarus.

What is a flaming griffin?

A symbol of power of divine protection, or a divine guardian. Most likely the "flames" are the aura of the griffin and the legendary beast is not actually aflame.

How did Hades fight?

The cyclopes forged weapons for the Olympians before the war with the titans. Hades got the helm of darkness, a helmet that made him invisible, and a flaming sword.

What is Hephaestus symbol in greek mythology?

I'm pretty sure it's a flaming hammer or something of the like. I'm not certain though, so you might want to look it up.

When was the torch invented?

In Ancient Riome and Greece and elsewhere they haed torches of flaming sticks covered in tar. The modern electric torch was invented after reasonably small and reliable batteries were developed, probably around 1890.

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