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Melanion was the man who actually beat Atalanta in the race for her hand in marriage. He had the help of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who gave him three golden apples. Melanion would roll them off course to catch Atalanta's curiosity so he could take the lead. He won the race and her hand in marriage. He's also know as Hippomenes.

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Q: Who is melanion in the race for atalanta?
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How does melanion win atalanta as his bride?

Melanion wins Atalanta as his bride by strategically dropping three golden apples during a footrace with her. Atalanta is tempted by the apples and stops to pick them up, allowing Melanion to win the race. This trickery results in them getting married.

How does melanion win the race against atalanta?

He distracts her by tossing golden apples by the path

What was Atalanta's temptation?

Atalanta was tempted by the golden apples that Melanion brought.

Who falls in love with Atalanta?

Meleager and Melanion (Hippomenes) were in love with Atalanta.

Did Atalanta have a husband?

Yes; Atalanta was married to Hippomenes, who was also known as Melanion.

What is Atalanta's symbol?

The answer is many: golden apples (her race with Melanion), and bears (the she-bear) and lions (what she was turned into) and spear (for fighting capabilities).

Whom did Atalanta marry?

The one who beat her in a foot race. Some sources say it was Hippomenes, others say Melanion.

Was Hippomenes mortal?

Yes, Hippomenes was mortal. He was also known as Melanion. Hippomenes/Melanion was the husband of Atalanta.

Was Aphrodite friends with someone named Melanian?

Melanion was not Aphrodite's friend, so to speak. He was a man who fell in love with Atalanta, but knew that he had no way of beating her in a footrace, which was the requirement in order to marry her. Therefore, he prayed to Aphrodite (in this version of the myth, it is Roman and her name is Venus) for help in winning Atalanta's hand. Because Aphrodite scorned Atalanta for spurning love, she gave Melanion three alluring golden apples, which he used to throw off the race track and distract Atalanta, thereby giving himself enough time to run ahead of her and win the race. In this way Aphrodite helped Melanion, but in no way were they friends. More appropriately, Melanion is Aphrodite's supplicant.

Who was atalanta family?

Her father was named Iasus, and she was married to a man named Melanion/Hippomenes.

Who was the suitor of Atalanta that threw the three golden apples?

The suitor that threw the apples was Hippomenes (also known as Melanion/Milanion).

How did Hippomenes win Atalanta?

Hippomenes won the race against Atalanta by using three golden apples given to him by Aphrodite. During the race, he dropped the apples to distract Atalanta, allowing him to pass her and win the race.