Who is queen Tiye?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was the wife of the Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep III.

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Q: Who is queen Tiye?
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When did queen Tiye die?

Queen Tiye died in 1338 BC. She is the mother of King Tut.

When did tiye die?

Queen Tiye died in 1338 BC. She is the mother of King Tut.

Who was Akhenaton's mother?

Queen Tiye is the mother.

What was queen tiye brother's name?


How did Queen Tiye die?

no one knows how queen Tiye died. Some conspirators + Tiye wanted to kill the king (Ramesses III) to make Tiye's son (Pentawer) king instead. But the the conspirators were caught and were sent to trial, and were forced to commit suicide. (Except Tiye), no one has seen or knows where Tiye was. and that's why no one knows :)

How many kids did queen tiye had?

Queen Tiye had 7 children: Tuthmose, Amenhotep IV, Sitamun, Isis, Henut-Taneb, Nebetah, and Beketaten. -Parez A.

What was the name of Tutankhamun's grandparents?

Amenhotep iii and and queen Tiye

What did queen Tiye accomplish?

Queen Tiye didn't necessarily accomplish any momentous feat; rather she held a strong position in political life in Egypt. Her personality matched with her marriage to Amenhotep III induced her political strength which she used to benefit the empire.

How tall was queen tiye?

There is no exact information about the height of Queen Tiye as her remains have not been found. However, it is believed that she was of average height for an Ancient Egyptian woman, which was around 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) tall.

When was Tiye born?

Teye was born in 1957.

Is tiye queen nefrtitit's mom?

No. Queen Tiye, wife of Amunophis III, is the mother of Amunophis IV, also known as Akhenaton the Heretic, who was Nefertiti's husband. It's theorized that Ay, Pharaoh after Tutankahmun, may have been Nefertiti's father, as he uses "Father of the God" as one of his titles. This would be a stretch if Nefertiti was a usual queen, but... She is thought to have been considered equal to her husband in his rule, perhaps named co-regent before Akhenatons death.

Was Nefertiti King Tutankhamuns Grandmother?

No, she was not. She would have been Tut's Mother, or " step mother" as she was one of the wives of Tut's Father Akhenaten King tuts " known" grandmother was Queen Tiye