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The Greek god of commerce is Hermes. He was the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, and the second youngest of the Olympian gods.

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Q: Who is the Greek god of commerce?
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Who is the Greek god of market?

Hermes is the Greek god of commerce and merchants

Who is the Greek goddess of wealth?

Hermes and Mercurius (Mercury) respectively.

Who was greek god for trade-commerce?

Hermes was the god of merchants and thieves.

Who is a Greek god of commerce eloquence invention travel and theft?


Who was the messenger god of commerce travelers and thieve's Greek name?

Greek: Hermes Roman: Mercury

What is the god that has 6 letters and the first letter is h?

Hermes - Greek god of commerce and thieves; also messenger of the gods.

Who was the greek god of business?

I don't think there was a god of business but Pluto aka hades was the god of wealth

Who is the roman messengar of the gods?

The Roman god Mercury acted as the messenger of gods. He was also the god of Rhetoric and Commerce. His symbol is the caduceus, a staff with two snakes entwined around it. He was the roman equivalent of Greek god Hermes.

Is Zeus the god of love sea war or commerce?

zues is the god of commerce.

What is the Greek name for the God and or goddesses of successful business ventures?

you mean like commerce? well then it would be hermes, also called mercury.

What does mercurial mean in greek mythology?

Mercury was a god of Roman mythology. He's the equivalent of Hermes, the messenger of the gods and the god of travelers, thieves, etc. in Greek mythology. The word come from Mercury's name. It means lively or quickly changing.

The Greek god Hermes is depicted in the modern-day logo for?

FTD Florists Telegraph Delivery. The God is more commonly known by his Roman handle of Mercury. Hence, the Mercury dime. God of speed and commerce, the messenger.