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there wasnt one

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Q: Who is the Greek god of organization?
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What is the Greek word for organization?

What is the Greek word for organization?

Is the god Zeus a Roman or Greek god?

He is Greek god, but he does have a roman version Jupiter

When was Greek National Tourism Organization created?

Greek National Tourism Organization was created in 1927.

What Greek organization does Laz Alonso belong to?

a phi a

What is a funny storie about the greek god sades?

There is no Greek god "Sades": there is a Greek god Hades.

Is posiden a Greek god?

The god Poseidon was the Greek god of the ocean.

Who is the greek god Hermes?

the greek god hermes the god of messages

Who are the family members of hades the greek god?

Poseidan the Greek god was related to Hades the Greek god!

Is Poseidon a greek god or goddess?

He is a Greek God.

What is Apollo the greek god of?

He is the Greek god of the sun.

What was the Greek god Hippocrates famous for?

Hippocrates was not a Greek god, but a Greek physician.

Which words should be capitalized the greek god theory?

Only "Greek" and "God" should be capitalized in the phrase "the Greek god theory."