Who is the Greek god of winter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no greek god of winter, but the greek god of the coldest wind (which is made in winter) is Boreas, god of the north wind. Apparently, he is the most "nice" wind god there is.

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Q: Who is the Greek god of winter?
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Who is the Greek god of snowman?

Boreas god of the north wind and winter, Khione (snow) was his daughter or consort, and Kheimon (the Horai of winter personified).

Which greek god is the reason for winter?

Persephone. When she goes down into the Underworld its winter, when she comes back, its summer.

Who is the Greek god Boreas?

Boreas was the Greek god of the North Wind.

What is the name for the god who started winter?

According to Greek Mythology there were gods called the Anemoi, the wind gods. Of these Boreas was the Greek god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter. Angerona is the Roman goddess of the winter solstice. I assume this means that she has something to do with the bringing of winter. Hope this answers your question!

What is an Apollo glove?

It is a glove for winter sports. The name is not connected with the Greek god.

What is the birthday of persphone the greek god?

Persephony is not a greek god she is the daughter of Demeter the goddess of season, also the wife of hades lord of the dead, who tricked her into having to come into the underworld with him every winter.

Is the god Zeus a Roman or Greek god?

He is Greek god, but he does have a roman version Jupiter

What is the coolest greek mythology?

Either something about Boreas, who was the god of the winter wind, or his daughter, Khione, the goddess of snow. Get it. Cool as in cold.

What is a funny storie about the greek god sades?

There is no Greek god "Sades": there is a Greek god Hades.

What is the Greek ice gods name?

The god of the sea was Poseidon. If you need a goddess it would be his wife, Amphitrite.

Is posiden a Greek god?

The god Poseidon was the Greek god of the ocean.

Who is the greek god Hermes?

the greek god hermes the god of messages