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Q: Who is the bottom God in Greek mythology?
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Is Zeus in theology?

No. Zeus is the King of the Olympians in Greek Mythology. He is a god, but he is not the Christian God.

Who is the Equivilant to the roman god Mars in Greek Mythology?

Ares is the God of War in Greek Mythology.

In Greek mythology what character might be called the Sleeper?

In Greek mythology, a god associated with sleep was Hypnos. In Roman mythology, this god is called Somnus. The Greek god of dreams was Morpheus.

The Roman god Mercury was which god in Greek mythology?

Mercury was Hermes in Greek mythology. Hermes/Mercury was the messenger god.

Is Hermes the god of medicine in Greek mythology?

No, Apollo is the god of medicine in Greek Mythology. Hermes is the god of travellers, thieves and the messenger god.

What in Greek mythology is rome?

Greek mythology is about the ancient Greek gods. Rome was not an ancient Greek god.

What is the roman or greek mythology of panic?

The god of fear and panic in Greek Mythology was Phobos

What God is the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology?

Hermes was the Greek messenger god. His Roman name was Mercury.

Was hades are dark place at the bottom of the earth?

Hades is the mythical god of the underworld in greek mythology. He is often associated with the Devil.

What was Koes a Greek God of?

There is no Koes in Greek mythology.

Who is the Greek God of wrestling?

The Greek God of wrestling is the half-god Hercules (Roman Mythology) or Herakles (Greek Mythology). Hercules like to wrestle his guests to exhaustion and then kill them.

Hermes god of what?

messenger god in Greek mythology