Who is the greatest goddess?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It depends upon who you are and what your needs are.

If you are a hunter, Artemis is the greatest. If your marriage is at risk you turn to Hera. For love Aphrodite is supreme, etc.

^ That's European Goddesses. None of those Goddesses are perfect. For example, Hera is Zeus' wife and sister, and Zeus is unfaithful to her anyway. Aphrodite herself had problems with her husband and can only attract, so she is her own goddess, not a goddess for the people.

The greatest Goddess is the the supreme Goddess. The most supreme and powerful Goddess is the Universal mother known as Devi by Hindus.

I think we should look at the goddess who is most popular by the entire world. Durga Devi is the most powerful Goddess. All of the God's placed their power with her. No god or man could ever hold all of the powers because they would be too powerful, but a women and mother could hold those powers because she would always protect her children.

She is given the Trishul (trident) of Shiva the God of destruction, the Chakra (discus) and Sankha (conch shell) of Vishnu the God of preservation, and the Dhanush (Bow and arrow) of the God of creation Brahma. She is also given other divine weapons from other God's.

She is by far the Greatest Mother and she is worshiped most by the world. She resides in every Hindu Mandir (temple). She has a great number of forms too.

She is always there for her children, but one must adopt her as a mother for her to consider them a child.

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Artemis (she is the goddess of the moon and the hunt).

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Q: Who is the greatest goddess?
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Artemis culture is that the is the greatest goddess of hunt in the whole world.

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She is the goddess of wisdom and she spurng full grown and in battle armor from Zeus's head.

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In Greek Mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt which would make her the best hunter among the gods and mortals.

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I have no idea! I need to find out for myself, so somebody who actually read the book, put something on there!

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she is a goddess. she is the goddess of wisdom and war.

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The possessive form of "goddess" is "goddess's."

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