Who is the greek god of youth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hebe, daughter of Zeus and Hera and wife of Hercules was the goddess of youth and cup-bearer to the gods.

Ganymedes was the lover of Zeus and became another cup-bearer to the gods and so a god of youth in taking Hebe's place.

Pandia was the daughter of Zeus and Selene and a goddess of youth, dew, and the full moon.

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Q: Who is the greek god of youth?
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What was Hebe the god of?

Hebe is the Greek goddesss of youth and young brides.

Who is the Greek god who was named after a Greek youth who married his mother?

Oedipus, though he was a hero not a god.

What is hebe the god of?

hebe was the greek goddess of youth

Who is the greek god of avenger of evildoing?

GOddes of youth

Who is the god of youth?

There is only one God, but if your talking about Greek legend then it's Apollo.

Who is the parent of Hebe the Greek god of youth?

Her mother was Hera, and her father was Zeus.

Was Narcissus a god in Greek mythology?

No, he wasn't. He was a very vain, handsome youth who fell in love with himself.

What was the god Apollo the god of?

The Romano/Greek God Apollo is credited with being the God of;The SunLightTruth and honestyProphecyHealingMusic and the Arts...and oddly enough he was also the God of Plague.

How did the Greek god Hebe evolve?

dont no Hebe is the greek goddess of youth often pictured with a cup in her role as cupbearer of the gods. She is also pictured as the wife of Hercules.

What did hebe need?

Hebe was the Greek goddess of youth and young brides, so likely to be among the god of Olympus who she made happy.

What is the greek word for youth?

youth = ΝΕΟΤΗΤΑ (pronounced "neotita")

Who are Ares hebe and Hephaestus?

They are siblings, the children of Hera (and, some sources agree Zeus - or Hera alone). Ares is the Greek god of War, the god of the fighting warrior and manliness, also a god of justice. Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, metalworking, stonemasonry and the art of sculpture. Hebe is the Greek goddess of of youth and the cupbearer of the gods who served ambrosia at the heavenly feast.