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His name is Fixter he can fix anything his opposite is Fixter X

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The roman god of fixing things would be Vulcan, because he is the god of forgery.

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Q: Who is the roman god of fixing things?
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Who is the patron saint of fixing broken things?

There is no patron saint of fixing things.

What is Neptune the Roman god of?

The Roman God Neptune is the God of the sea.

Who is the chief god?

In Greek mythology, it is Zeus, god of the sky. In Roman mythology it is Jupiter, god of the sky. They are both the same god who does the same things, just with different names.

What was the roman god vulcan duty?

vulcan is the roman form of hephaestus who is the god of blacksmiths, technology, and such so his duty is the best blacksmiths and he is a main god ( olympian ) and makes great things for the other gods and for the demi gods and mortals

Who is the Worst Roman god?

There is no Roman god for "worse".

What god roman name is mars?

Mars was a Roman god. He was the God of War.

What was Vulcan the Roman god of?

In Roman mythology, he is the blacksmith god, or the god of the forges.

Are you sure that ROMAN god discovered Jupiter?

"ROMAN god" did not discover Jupiter. it is named after roman god...JUpiter

What does roman God of War mean?

the roman god of is mars so roman god of war means mars

Roman god of underworld?

Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld.

Who is the Roman god of the sky?

Saturn was the Roman god of the sky.

What was the main Roman god?

the main roman god was zeus