Who killed Atalanta?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nobody killed her. Read the story: Atalanta returned to her father's house on the conditions that she could remain a virgin. Her father agreed, but soon suitors were pushing down the doors and her father changed his mind. He and Atalanta decided that she would marry the man who could beat her in a footrace, and any man who lost would die..] They laughed together because they knew that no man would ever beat her, and that the many executions would slow the flow of suitors. Of course, some still came. Most who came still were the stupid ones, but one man, Hippomenes was exceptionally smart. He went first to Aphrodite and told her of the virgin huntress and begged her help. Aphrodite, offended at the idea of virgins in general, gladly gave him three irresistable Golden Apples. Thanking her he returned to woo Atalanta. Atalanta just sighed that such a good-looking man would have to die, but wasn't that interested in marriage. Besides, she like winning too much to throw the race. Hippomenes threw one last prayer to Aphrodite and walked to the starting line. The race began. Hippomenes got out to a good start, he was an excellent runner himself, but soon Atalanta sped ahead of him. Quickly he threw out the first of his Golden apples slightly ahead of Atalanta and slightly off the track. Atalanta saw it and desired it and stopped to pick it up. Hippomenes passed her with delight, praying to Aphrodite while he ran. But Atalanta soon caught him and two-thirds of the way through, she passed him again. This time Hippomenes threw his Golden Apple deeper into the bushes and when Atalanta stopped, it took her a moment longer. Hippomenes quickly ran by, sweating with effort and relief. But before he knew it the speedy Atalanta overtook him once more, and it was just before the finish line! Hippomenes threw his last apple deep into the underbrush and prayed like mad to Aphrodite. Atalanta ran a moment more, then dashed back to the apple, she had to have it. As she emerged from the bushes Hippomenes crossed the finish line. But now that Hippomenes had won his prize he was so happy that he forgot to thank Aphrodite. He went instead to the temple of Zeus to celebrate his victory with Atalanta. Aphrodite was furious and sent flaming desire coursing through Hippomene's and Atalanta's veins and they lay together right there in Zeus' holy temple. Zeus was horrified at the profanation and turned the pair into lions.

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Q: Who killed Atalanta?
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What was Atalanta's personality in Greek mythology?

Atalanta, having grown up in the wilderness, became a fierce huntress and was always armed. It is said that she took an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis. When two centaurs Rhoikos and Hylaios tried to rape her, Atalanta killed them.

Who was Atalanta?

Atalanta was a heroine in Greek mythology.

Who nursed Atalanta?

Atalanta was nursed by a she-bear.

How did Atalanta die?

atalanta was turned into a lion with hippomenes

Who is the Roman Atalanta?

Atalanta is the same, in Greek or Latin.

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Atalanta was a heroine.

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Atalanta was determined never to get married.

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