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Stephen Douglas wanted to organize the territory so he asked David Atchison to make a compromise with him called the Kansas/Nebraska Act that said the people could vote on slavery in those territories. So technically it was both of those guys.

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Q: Who legalized slavery in the Kansas territory?
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What was the position of the south with regard to slavery in the Kansas territory?

Congress did not have the power to make rules about slavery in the kansas territory.

What was the outcome of the election to select a legislature in the kansas territory?

The Kansas Territory became pro-slavery.

As a result of the massacre at the slavery settlement newspapers called the Kansas territory?

(Bleeding Kansas)

What was the territory where pro and anti slavery groups fought called?

That would be the Kansas Territory.

Why were attempts to organize the Kansas territory politically difficult?

Prior to Kansas joining the Union, the Kansas Territory was a hotbed of violence and chaos between anti-slavery and pro-slavery settlers. Kansas was known as Bleeding Kansas as these forces collided over the issue of slavery in the United States.

What was the first US territory to spill blood in an internal conflict over slavery?

The 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act caused an internal conflict. As a territory, Kansas was the first territory to have an armed and bloody conflict over slavery.

Was there an amendment that legalized slavery?

Yes, the fourteenth amendment legalized slavery.

Because of violent struggles over the issue of slavery what was the nickname for Kansas Territory?

Bleeding Kansas

In the 1850s, the territory of Kansas became known as "Bleeding Kansas" after violence erupted between abolitionists and those who were pro-slavery. Why were people living in Kansas so divided on the issue of slavery?

Pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces fought for control of the territory because it had not yet been decided if Kansas would become a free or slave state.

What two group were involved in the civil war in Kansas?

The Kansas Territory was a hotbed of violence and chaos between anti-slavery and pro-slavery settlers.

How did the location of kansas give pro slavery forces an advantage in the race to settle the territory?

it gave them the advantage because most people in Kansas were for slavery

Which territories were open to slavery after 1854?

Nebraska Territory and Kansas Territory or you could just look in a textbook