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Flavius Josephus, 1st century AD historian, in "Jewish Wars"

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Q: Who quoted a drill is like a bloodless battle and a battle is like a bloody drill in the roman empire?
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What greek god quoted nymph of the braided tresses?

The god Zeus is refers to Calypso as "the nymph of the braided tresses" when addressing his son Hermes about Odysseus.

How has ancient Greece affected the modern world?

Philosophy : Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are still quoted today Architecture : Classical architecture that still influences us today Science : Archimedes lives on with his Archimedean screw and displacement theory amongst much more Politics : The foundations of democracy and the electoral system Warfare : The strict regime of the Spartans Mythology : The stories of Homer are still famous today Literature : Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides set the basic rules of drama and literature still used today The Romans absorbed much of what the Greeks had originated, added their own spin and introduced it to the rest of Europe.

What the ancient Greeks give to the modern world?

The most incredible ways that you could ever imagine.Philosophy : Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are still quoted todayArchitecture : Classical architecture that still influences us todayScience : Archimedes lives on with his Archimedean screw and displacement theory amongst much morePolitics : The foundations of democracy and the electoral systemWarfare : The strict regime of the SpartansMythology : The stories of Homer are still famous todayLiterature : Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides set the basic rules of drama and literature still used todayThe Romans absorbed much of what the Greeks had originated, added their own spin and introduced it to the rest of Europe.The Greeks gave the United States fishing, the olimpics, they created olive oil and wine, the justice system, salons, demorocy from the Athens, trial by jusry,thearter, comody, and tragidy. Now you know some stuff that the Greeke's gave to us!

How did Egyptian architecture influence early Greek and Roman architecture?

One of the most important influences of Egyptian architecture on greek and roman architecture was the establishment of basic elements of the column. The Egyptians established the basic design of a column, which consists of three parts: a pedestal (at the bottom), the column itself, and the capital (at the top). The Greeks stole the basic Egyptian design and took off with it. They developed three classical orders of architecture, distinguished by the style of the capitals and the shape and size of the columns. These three orders (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian), along with two more (Composite and Tuscan) added by the Romans, persist into this day. Text quoted from History of architecture 1 handouts I would add that the Greeks developed the fluted column (not completely round but 'scalloped'), which the Egyptians did not use. The Greek columns got smaller towards the top, so the column actually looks taller than it is. Also, note that the Greeks needed to place the columns close together, otherwise the flat stone held up by two neighboring columns would crack in the middle. The Romans invented the arch, unknown to the early Greeks and Egyptians, allowing more space between columns. The principle of the arch was the same as the domed roof, allowing a huge, empty space underneath. (Cf. the Parthenon in Rome). --- It is probable that Egyptian mathematics, highly developed for land-surveying in relation to Nile-irrigated agriculture, was a necessary precursor to the calculations necessary for building the Greek and Roman temples and other monuments.

What were the disadvantages of women in ancient Rome?

I'm actually doing an essay about that now... Here's one point: From birth, a womans Father had rights over her, until he died. Once he died, the power was handed to a close male relative, for example an uncle. The only way to escape a father's authority was to marry in manus, which means that all power was handed to the husband. Their husband could kill them as punishment for adultery or drinking (drinking had religious connotations, and was only permitted to men). "Egnatius Metellus ... took a cudgel and beat his wife to death because she had drunk some wine. Not only did no one charge him with a crime, but no one even blamed him. Everyone considered this an excellent example of one who had justly paid the penalty for violating the laws of sobriety. Indeed, any woman who immoderately seeks the use of wine closes the door on all virtues and opens it to vices. To this we should add the case of Publius Sempronius Sophus who disgraced his wife with divorce merely because she dared attend the games without his knowledge. And so, long ago, when the misdeeds of women were thus forestalled, their minds stayed far from wrongdoing " Valerius Maximus, Memorable Deeds and Sayings, 6.3.9-12. Quoted in Diotima. This was all part of the view that women were 'congenitally weak and frivolous by the nature of their sex'. Women were seen as inferior because Rome was male dominated - everyone in power was male, and there was actually more men in society than women. It has been suggested that this was a result of two different societal norms - women dying in childbirth (a common occurrence), and female babies being abandoned because they were of little benefit to the family. Some of these abandoned babies were saved, while other died. Women had a shorter average lifespan, which would have contributed to the view that they were weak and worthless. The worst thing about it is they had no chances to do anything about it; they couldn't hold positions of power, and were punished for what was seen as inappropriate behaviour. They couldn't even own property, unless they were a widow. A widow could take charge of her husband's estate if she had married in manus. Due to women's shorter average lifespan, it was uncommon for a first wife to outlive her husband.

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