Who ran the Greek city states?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Depended on the form of government - monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny or democracy.

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Executive authority rested with a council, which was early on made up of aristocrats. As the electoral basis of government broadened, the council could be elected by the landowners, large and small. When democracy was experimented with, all citizens of a city met in regular assembly and passed laws and made significant decisions.

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Q: Who ran the Greek city states?
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Why did greek city states establish colonies?

The Greek people led the greek city-states to set up colonies

What is the difference between Greek city states and Sumerian city states?

the city states

Who ran the greek democracy?

Not all Greek city states had a democracy. Athens is the best example of a democracy. A democracy is run by the people. In Athens, all free adult males voted on issues.

What similarities did the Persian war have with the Peloponnesian war?

They were different - one was Persia versus a coalition of Greek city-states; the other was Greek city-states versus Greek city-states.

The marathon is said to be based on the distance Pheidippides a Greek soldier ran from the city of Marathon to what other Greek city?

Pheidippides ran 150 miles from Marathon to Sparta, then another 22 miles to Athens.

Why event started the Persian wars?

The revolt of the Greek Ionian cities against Persian rule in 499BCE, leading to the rest of the eastern Greek city-states becoming involved in a war which ran for 50 years.

Which three Greek city states had no colonies?

three greek city states without colonies were Athens, Sparta, and Knossos

Who ruled most greek city states in 146 BC?

Aristotle was the noble class who ruled Greek city-states.

What developed Greek city states?

what ideas developed in Greeks city-states

Which city-states created the world's first democracy?

Greek city-states

What is greek for city states?


The city-states of Greece were called?

a greek city state is a polis The question was about the alliances of Greek city-states. Don't know the Greek translation, but in English they are referred to as leagues. the alliance between the greek city-states was called Delian League. (weazol)