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Pericles ruled during the golden age of Athens

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Ancient Greece was comprised of hundreds of independent city-states. Each was ruled by their own citizens under various forms of government.

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Q: Who ruled during the golden age?
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Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of?

Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of the Mali Empire.

Mansa Musa ruled during what Golden Age?

The mali age

Who was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire during its Golden Age?

Suleiman the Magnificent ruled the Ottoman Empire during its Golden Age.

What happened during the golden age in india?

Indian's golden age was when Chandragupta II ruled India.

When did the titans rule?

Kronos ruled during the 'Golden' Age.

What queen ruled England during its golden age?

well queen Elizabeth - I was Queen in The Golden Age

Who is the roman god that ruled over the golden age?

Cronus ruled the Golden Age.

Who ruled Athens during its Golden Age when the Parthenon was built?

Pericles (493 - 429BC)

Did Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of Ethiopia?

Mansa Musa ruled during the Golden Age of the Mali Empire

What are 2 things that Elizabeth I is most noted for?

She ruled for 45 years She ruled during England's Golden Age- The Elizabethan Era

Architecture during the Golden Age?

how did architecture change during the golden age

How did Chinas Golden Age lead to increased trade?

Answer this question… A. China's military ruled the empire during the Golden Age, and military leaders forced other countries into trade agreements. B. China had a weak government during its Golden Age, which forced its people to rely on trade to obtain food and other goods. C. China came into contact with many new cultures during its Golden Age and expanded its trade network. D. China had a policy during its Golden Age by which any man could become a merchant, and many took advantage of this policy.