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King Toggidubnus or Coggidubnus

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Q: Who was Fishbourne Roman Palace built for?
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How much would Fishbourne palace cost?

according to my mathematical equations Fishbourne Palace - a luxury roman Villa is priced at 20 pounds as it is burnt down have fun living in your ashes ;)

Who owned fishbourne roman palace?

king cogidibnus was the ruler he was asigned by the eperor of rome at that time

What was the evidence to show that there was Romans at fishbourne?

the 'palace'

What are some important historical buildings in England?

Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Nelson's Column, Canterbury Cathedral, Fishbourne Roman Palace.

What is the floor plan for fishbourne roman palace?

The Fishbourne Roman palace was built in several phases. The final building had four wings with arranged around a massive square garden which porticoes facing the garden. The north and east wings had additional suites of rooms arranged around inner courtyards. There was an assembly hall with aisles on the north-east corner. There was a large monumental entrance in the middle of the eastern wing which was a rectangular building which crossed the whole wing and led to the garden. The Place was enormous and was the largest Roman residence north of the Alps.

What is in fishbourne palace?

In Fishbourne Palace you can see the excavated North Wing and one half of the garden. The other side of the Palace is unfortunately covered by houses and would cost millions to buy the land and dig it up.

What town has a roman name?

London's was londinium i think fishbourne was named by Romans :)

What is the nearest Roman town to Midhurst?

It is Chichester, but Fishbourne is only an hour away. 21/1/12

Is fishbourne palace easily accessible?

Fishbourne Roman Palace is accessible throughout its extensive grounds. The remains of the Palace have wooden board walks which have ramps and steps. The gardens have level gravel footpaths. The staff are deaf aware and some are BSL trained. There is a specific handling collection of artefacts which guides are pleased to show visitors, particularly those who have visual impairement. NEW for 2010 excellent new Cafe Lime at the Palace. The Chocolate Brownies are wonderful The place lies just west of Chichester and is signposted from the main A27. Travel along the A259 and follow the brown heritage signs. Just punch in PO19 3QR into your TomTom. Telephone 01243 795859

What famous ancient roman sites are in Britain?

There are plenty of Roman sites in Britain. The most famous ones are: The Roman baths in Bath, Somerset; Fishbourne Roman Palace, near Fishbourne, West Sussex; Hadrian's Wall; the ruins of the Roman fort of Vindolanda and the Vindolanda Tablets, just south of Hadrian's Wall, near Bardon Mill, Northumberland; the Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in South Shields, Tyne & Wear; the Dolaucothi Gold Mines or Ogofau Gold Mine, Carmarthenshire, Wales; the ruins of a Roman Town near Caerwent, Monmouthshire, Wales; Chedworth Roman Villa, near Chedworth, Gloucestershire; the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, Gloucestershire; Viroconium, the ruins of a Roman town in Wroxeter, Shropshire; and the Antonine Wall in Scotland.

What is the domus aurea?

The name of the palace that the Roman Emperor Nero had built for himself between the years 64 and 68.

What has the author Barry Cunliffe written?

Barry Cunliffe has written: 'Fishbourne, 1961-4' 'Studies in local history' 'Winchester excavations, 1949-1960' 'Excavations at Fishbourne' 'Guide to the Roman remains of Bath' 'Excavations at Fishbourne, 1967' 'Excavations at Portchester Castle' 'The Roman baths' 'Excavations at Fishbourne,1963' 'A bronze age settlement at Chalton, Hants' 'Danebury' -- subject- s -: Archaeology, Danebury, Eng, Eng Danebury 'English Heritage book of Iron Age Britain' 'Iron age communities in Britain' 'Excavations at Gatcombe, Somerset, in 1965 and 1966'