Who was Margaret Ann Brady?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Margaret Ann Brady was only 13 years old when she was on the titanic. Another name for the titanic is Royal Mail Steamer. When she was in the titanic she met this 17 year old boy called Robert. When the titanic was sinking she did not want him to look for his friends but she could not stop him. So they had no chose but kiss him goodbye.(on the lips) And never saw him again. Margaret was born on October 1899. She died in her sleep 1995.She never talked about the titanic again.

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Q: Who was Margaret Ann Brady?
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Did Margaret ann brady have brother?

Yes. William Brady was Margaret's brother.

When did Margaret Ann Brady attend school?

Margaret Ann Brady is a fictional character in the book 'Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, RMS Titanic, 1912,' written by Ellen Emerson

Where did Margaret Ann Brady live?

Margaret Ann Brady lived in an orphange called St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls in Whitechapel, London.

How did margret ann brady die?

it was actually October 1899 just to be more exact though

When did Margaret Ann Neve die?

Margaret Ann Brady died peacefully in her sleep in 1994 at the age of 95.

Did Margaret ann brady reunite with her brother after the titanic sunk?


What is the genre of voyage on the great titanic the diary of Margaret ann brady?


Did Robert Merton like Margaret ann brady on the titanic?

yes . in fact he kissed her

How did Margaret ann brady parents die?

her dad died when he was working at the docks.. a man would have been crushed by crates, Mr. Brady pushed him out of the way but Mr. Brady got crushed... ms. Brady died when she took ill and Margaret and William had to take care of her. she had a raging fever but they called the doc. but it was too late.

Was Robert Margret Ann Bradys husband?

no, Robert was not Margaret Ann Brady's husband because Robert went down with the ship,"Titanic".

Was Margaret ann brady ever on a boat again?

No, she never stepped foot on a boat again, but she did travel by airplane, train but no boat.

Did Margaret Ann Brady survive the Titanic?

Yes, she did. I know because in her published diary the author, Ellen Emerson White, wrote that Margaret died at the age of 95 in her sleep. IT'S A FICTIONAL BOOK.