Who was rescued by Perseus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Atlas-Perseus turned Atlas to stone so he could no longer feel his burden

Andromeda-she was being sacraificed to Poseidon's sea monster when Perseus saved her.

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Q: Who was rescued by Perseus?
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In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?

Andromeda was rescued from Perseus.

Who rescued Andromeda?

Perseus, who married her afterwards.

In Greek mythology who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus?

The Ethiopian Princess Andromeda.

Who was the man who rescued cepheus's daughters?

Perseus was the man who rescued Cepheus's daughters, Andromeda in Greek mythology. He saved her from being sacrificed to a sea monster, slaying the creature and marrying Andromeda.

Who was rescued from the sea monster by perseus in greek mythology?

Some say he saved Princess Andromeda from the Kraken

Did Medusa try not to turn people to stone?

Perseus used her severed head to turn Atlas to stone. Later he rescued princess Andromeda from being eaten by a sea monster, which Perseus also turned to stone.

Was Perseus nice?

Well, he killed monsters and rescued maidens in distress, however with Medusa's head he turned King Polydektes to stone, then travelled to his grandfather's kingdom to claim the throne. The old man fled, and was later accidentally killed by Perseus at some Games with an awry discus throw.

What is the purpose of Andromeda's myth?

Andromeda was chained to a rock to be eaten by a sea monster as punishment for her mother's boasting. Perseus, who saw her, rescued her from the sea monster, cut the chains, and claimed her in marriage.

What does Perseus repesent?

Perseus did not represent anything. He was one of various heroic legendary figures of Greek mythology. His name and the name of other character in the legend was used to name some constellations (Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Pegasus). Perseus was sent by the king of the island of Serifos to kill and bring the head of Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon (dreadful female creatures). Medusa's eyes turned people into stone. The king sent Perseus on this mission to get rid of Perseus. However, with the help of the gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena, he managed to kill Medusa. Perseus travelled to Mauritania and then to Aethiopia. Perseus rescued Andromeda, the daughter of king and Queen Cassiopeia from a Cetus, a sea serpent who destroyed man and beast. To accomplish this he used winged sandals which Hermes had given him. In Renaissance version of the legend Perseus, instead, flew riding Pegasus, a winged horse .Perseus then married Andromeda. Perseus was the first legendary hero who defeated monsters. He was also the legendary founder of the Greek city of Mycenae.

Is Perseus the son of Poseidon?

No, Perseus is not the son Poseidon. Perseus was the son of Zeus.

Was Andromeda the mother of Perseus?

Definitely not- she was Perseus' wife. The mother of Perseus was Danae.

Who were perseus's siblings?

Perseus had no siblings