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Atlas was a Titan. Unmarried.

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Yes Atlas' wife was Pleione.

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Q: Who was the Greek god Atlas married to?
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Is Atlas a god?

Atlas is Greek, but he is not a god. He is a Titan.

Is atlas a roman or a Greek God?

Atlas was from greek mythology

Who is greek god atlas?

Atlas is a greek Titan who holds the sky up for punishment by the mighty god Zeus.

Where is the greek god atlas hometown?

Atlas wasnt a god, and he was born and raised in denver

When was atlas Greek god born?

Greek myth does not say.

Who was the Greek god Atlas Van Lines?

a titan who goes by Atlas

Where is greek god atlas from for project?

he is from Greece

When was atlas the Greek god born?

theres no chronology in the greek myth

What did the Greek god Atlas hold?

He stole the sun.

Who was the Greek god who carried the world on his shoulders?

Atlas was the Titan who was forced to bear the world on his shoulders.

How was the Greek god atlas raised?

Atlas was not a god he was a titan a child of ghaia and oranus the god and godess that raised the titans who came before the gods

How does atlas the Greek god affect the modern world?

there not alive