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As far as I know there was no ..."pension" (lol) empire that any greek leader conquered. In case you meant Persian Empire, it was Alexander the great who conquered it.

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Q: Who was the Greek leader that conquered the pension empire and spread Greek culture?
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What happened first the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire in Mexico or the Spanish conquered the Inca empire in South America?

Who was the leader of the Spanish army that conquered the Inca Empire? Francisco Pizarro in 1535 Who conquered the Aztec empire? Herman Cortes conquered the Aztecs in 1519.

Who was the Leader of Macedonia that conquered the Persian Empire?

Alexander the Great.

Aztec leader whose empire was conquered by cortes?


Who was the leader of the Spanish army that conquered the Inca Empire?

Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca empire in 1535.

In 331 BC the Persian empire was conquered by what leader and kingdom?

Alexander The Great

Why is tamerlane important?

Tamerlane, or Timur, was an important military leader and conqueror in the 14th century who founded the Timurid Empire. He was known for his military strategy, brutality, and the vast territory he conquered in Asia. Tamerlane's empire had a significant impact on the history and culture of the regions he ruled.

Who was the leader that helped the Greeks conquer Egypt?

Egypt was part of the empire conquered by Alexander the Great.

What French leader conquered the King of England He brought French culture to England?

William the Conqueror

What great leader conquered egypt when it was weakened?

Egypt was conquered by Cambyses II, the ruler of the Achaemenid Empire, the second of the four pre-Islamic Persian Empires

What great leader conquered Egypt when it was weak?

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, but it was not an easy feat. It took three tries to capture the empire, and Alexander received a nasty shoulder injury.

Who was the chief that was conquered in Peru?

Adagualpo was the Incan leader that the Spanish conquered.

Which European leader conquered the Incas leader?

francisco pizzaro!!