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Demeter in Greek. Ceres in Roman.

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Q: Who was the goddess of grain and the harvest?
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Who was the god of fertility grain and harvest?

You have your gods mixed up; the goddess of fertility was Aphrodite and the goddess of grain and harvest was Demeter.

Where is diameter the goddess from?

If you mean Demeter, she is a Greek goddess of grain, fertility, and harvest and is the mother of Persephone.

What was Demeter's area of power?

She was the goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest.-Hope this was helpful :)

What power did the Indian goddess Demetria have?

I suspect that by "Demetria" you mean "Demeter" the Greek goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest.

Who is the Greek god of food?

Demeter is a goddess of the harvest and of bread and grain: foods of mankind.

What is the ancient greek goddess of corn?

The goddess who was most likely to be the goddess of corn is Demeter because she was the goddess of harvest and the godess of grain so corn has something to do with it.

What are the Names of harvest goddesses?

Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest. Demeter is a sister of Zeus. Her daughter is Persephone, Hades' wife.

Demeter was the goddess of?

Demeter is the goddess of fertility, and grain

What does the word cereal mean in greek mythology?

the goddess of grain and the fertility of the earth.

What is the title or duty of Demeter?

Demeter cult titles includes Sito (she of the Grain, the giver of grain) and Thesmophoros (bearer, giver of divine order, law-bringer). As a goddess did not have duties. She was the goddess of grain, the harvest, who presided and the fertility of the earth.

Which Roman god is named after cereal?

There was no Roman god named after cereal. Instead, 'cereal' is derived from the name of a Roman goddess, Ceres, who was the goddess of grain and the harvest. Her Greek equivalent was Demeter.

What greek god would you go to if your crops were failing and you needed help?

Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, grain and bread.