Who was the greek Shepherd god?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Hermes is the Greek god of shepherds travelers merchants thieves and all others who lived by their wits.

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Pan is the god of shepherds of herds and flocks, and the god of beehives. Pan was born with the horns, beard, tail, and legs of a goat. There are several theories surrounding Pan's parents. The most likely of which is that he was fathered by Zeus on Hybris.

There are some important gods that do not reside on Olympus. Pan is among their number. He was content, living in the Arcadian forests, taking long naps and seducing nymphs left and right. If anyone disturbed him during his naps, he would take revenge by giving sudden shouts from a nearby grotto, making their hair bristle and alerting nearby animals (which would, perhaps, ruin the victim's hunt).

He is the only Greek god who has ever died. The news came to Thamus, a sailor. He was on a ship bound for Italy when he heard a godly voice tell him: "Thamus, are you there? When you reach Palodes, take care to proclaim that the great god Pan is dead!" He obeyed, of course. A preist at Delphi, Plutarch, believed that Pan had died and published that news. Who knows if it's true, since in the second century a.d., at least a century after this anouncement, Pan's alters and shrines were still attended.

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Q: Who was the greek Shepherd god?
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What is The Greek god Pan ruler of?

He is god of Shepherd's and flocks.

Who was the shepherd god in greek myth?


What mythical creature is a shepherd god with the legs and horns of a goat?

the greek god Pan

Is Tiresias a Greek god or a hero?

Tiresias was neither a god nor a hero. He was a blind prophet, the son of a shepherd and a nymph.

A Shepherd go with legs and horns of a goat?

the greek Shepard god that has legs and horns of a goat

What is the Greek word for shepherd?


What does Greek root word Dafnis mean?

according to greek mythology Dafnis was a shepherd, the first who learned pastoral music and poetry from the god Pan. It doesnt have any meaning.

What is Latin for sheep?

Shepherd in modern Greek is ποιμένας, βοσκός (poimenas, boskos)Shepherd in Classical Greek is ποιμήν, νομεύς (poimin, nomeus)

What does the greek words ha poimein mean?

the shepherd

Is the god Zeus a Roman or Greek god?

He is Greek god, but he does have a roman version Jupiter

In the Psalm God is portrayed as what?

In the Psalm God, he is mainly portrayed as a shepherd.

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he is not a physical shepherd but he is our "shepherd" and we are his "lambs". if we go astray to what God says he will get us.