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Romulus and Remus

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Q: Who was the legendary founder of Rome?
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Legendary founder of rome?

Romulus and Remus

Who was legendary founder of the city state of Rome?

The legendary founders of Rome were Romulus and Remus, but mainly Romulus.

Who was the founder of Rome?

The legendary founder of Rome was Romulus, who killed his twin brother Remus in a quarrel over the building of the city.

What was Rome's legendary founder?

As to the founder of Rome, you have a choice. Romulus or Aeneas. They are both myths and the Romans used each of them.

Who was the founder of Korea?

There is more than one founder but the semi-legendary founder is Tan-Gun Wanggeom

What does Rome mean?

Romulus, founder of Rome.

Who was the founder of Vatican city?

"Vatican City" itself was established in 1929, but the Vatican has been in Rome for a thousand years. I suppose the original founders of Rome, the legendary Romulus and Remus, would be the original founders in the 6th century BC.

Who is the founder of North Korea?

well the founder of Korea is the holy dan gun legendary founder of Korea in 2333 BC

What was the legendary founder of the city of Carthage?

Queen Dido.

Who is Ki-Tse?

he is the legendary chinese founder of korea

Where did dido come from?

Dido was the legendary queen of Carthage, made famous in the Aeneid, who fell in love with Aeneas, the entirely fictional founder of Rome after escaping from the siege of troy with his elderly mother.

Who named Rome?

The origin is quite uncertain. It has often been held to be a variant on Romulus, the legendary co-founder. This site discusses alternatives: