Who was the mother of Adrastea?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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Adrastea (Adrasteia) was a nymph, who took care of baby Zeus, Most nymphs have unknown parents.

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Q: Who was the mother of Adrastea?
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Who is adrastea mother by Jupiter?

Adrastea was Jupiter's nursemaid, not his daughter.

I am the mother by Zeus of Britomartis a Cretan goddess. Who am I I am the mother of Adrastea by Jupiter. Who am I?


Who is the mother by Jupiter of adrastea?

It is not certain that Jupiter was her father. Mother unknown, in any case,

Who is the mother of adrastea by Zeus?

The mother of Adrastea by Zeus is Ananke, a primordial goddess in Greek mythology who personified necessity and inevitability.

Who is the mother of adastea by Jupiter?

Adrastea is considered one of the nymphs in Greek mythology, and her mother is not explicitly mentioned in the traditional mythological sources. This lack of specific parentage is common among nymphs in Greek mythology, as they are often described as being born from various elements of nature.

When was Adrastea - moon - created?

Adrastea - moon - was created on 1979-07-08.

What moon is the daughter of Jupiter and ananke?

The moon Adrastea is believed to be the daughter of Jupiter and Ananke. Adrastea is a small moon that orbits within Jupiter's main ring.

You are the mother of Adrastea by Jupiter who are you?

According to"Adrastea was the daughter of Jupiter and Ananke and the distributor of rewards and punishments"This, however, in mythology, is not accurate. Adrastea/Adrasteia/Adrastia (not running away) was the nurse of Jupiter/Zeus, along side her sister Ida, appointed to this task by Rhea - mother of Zeus, and their father might have been Melisseus (of Bees/Honey).The tragedy Rhesus, no longer attributed to Euripides, makes Adrasteia the daughter of Zeus, rather than his nurse.Adrasteia was also an epithet of Nemesis, Rhea herself, to Cybele, and to Ananke. These four were especially associated with the dispensation of rewards and punishments.

You are the daughter of Jupiter and ananke what moon are you?

you are Adrastea.

What moon is Adrastea?

It is the smallest of the four inner moons of Jupiter.

How far is adrastea from the moon?


Who is adrastea in Greek mythology?

a nymph who was charged by Rhea with nurturing the infant Zeus, in secret in the Dictaean cave, to protect him from his father Cronus