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Her father was Caelus.

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Q: Who where the parents of the Roman goddess Ops?
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Who were the parents of the Roman goddess Ceres?

Saturn and Ops

What is Vesta the Roman goddess parents?

Ops and Saturn

Goddess of abundance?

Ops (Roman)

Who is the Roman goddess of fertility?

Ceres Ops Demeter is the Greek goddess

Who where the parents of the Roman Goddess Ceres?

Saturn and Ops. She was the sister of Jupiter, mother of Proserpina by Jupiter and sister of Juno, Vesta, Neptune and Pluto.

Who is the Roman goddess of plenty?

Ops was the Roman goddess of plenty. Ops was probably a mother-goddess and the goddess of fertility. As the goddess of harvest, Ops was worshipped by the early Romans, along the chthonian god, consus a temple called Regia. Her festrivals, Opiconsivia was held on August 25 and Opalia on December 19. Ops was later identified with the Greek Rhea; and she was a wife of satern(Cronus). Like in the Greek myths, she was the mother of Roman Olympians Source:

What is Ceres the goddess mother?

The mother of the Roman goddess Ceres was called Ops/Opis. The husband of Opis in Roman mythology was Saturn.

Who are the parents of the Roman goddess Venus?

Jupiter and Juno.

Who was greek Diana's parents?

Diana is a Roman goddess; her parents are Jupiter and Latona.

Who was the Roman Goddess Lua?

The Roman goddess Lua was the god that soldiers sacrificed the weapons they captured after fighting in battle. She might have just been an alternative name for Ops. She was a consort of Saturn.

Who is Venus the roman goddess parents names?

Venus is the roman name for Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. She was born from the foam of the sea mixed with the blood of Father Sky as he died. She had no parents. she was adopted as a goddess because, obviously, she IS one but there is no name for "blood + water."

Who is the mother and father of the roman goddess Vesta?

The king and queen of the Titans, Saturn and Ops.