Whose epithet is Kataibates

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Those delivering souls to the underworld such as Hermes.

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Q: Whose epithet is Kataibates
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What is an epithet for Apollo?

Apparently, an epithet for Apollo was Paean.

Example of epithet?

An epithet is a word or phrase used in place of the name of a person. Usually an epithet is capitalized, just as a name is capitalized. Here are some examples: "The Prince of Peace" is an epithet for Jesus Christ. "The Queen of Soul" is an epithet for Aretha Franklin. "The King of Pop" is an epithet for Michael Jackson.

When young Dawn with her rose red fingers is an example of?

An epithet. An epithet is a brief, descriptive phrase that characterizes a particular person or thing.

How can you use epithet in a sentence?

Profane words are commonly repeated with a preceding epithet.

What is Transferred epithet in figure of speech?

tranferred epithet is an important figure of speech . the placing of an adjective with what appears to be incorrect noun in known as "transferred epithet"

What is a sentence for epithet?

I thought about naming my dog Epithet, after all he is man's best friend

Is the phrase I could spit in your face an epithet?

Yes it is an epithet in that phrase because it is an insult.

What is the purpose of an epithet?

An epithet is useful in describing the characteristics of a person or thing. In can be used in a positive or negative manner.

What is an antonym of epitaph?


What was Hestia's epithet?

Hestia's epithet was "Hestia Presveira" meaning "Hestia the oldest." This was because she was the eldest of the Olympians.

What was the epithet for charybdis?

I don't know about epithet, but the Greeks had a verb ekcha rubdizô, which meant to swallow like Kharybdis.

Is the lord of noon an epithet for Helios?

Lord of Noon is an epithet for Helios. Helios is the personification of the sun in the Greek mythology, the Odyssey.