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Mohammad bin Qasim send India by hajjaj bin Yousuf because, that time the ruler of India was a arbitrary here a woman who request for help because she was sufferer therefore Hajaj bin yousuf send his nephew to help him

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Q: Why Mohammad bin qasim sent India by hajjaj bin yousuf?
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What was the relation of hajjaj bin yousuf and Mohammad bin qasim?

hajjaj bi yousaf was the uncle of Muhammad bin qasim.

How many relation ships did Muhammad bin qasim had with hajjaj bin yusuf?

hajjaj bi yousaf was the uncle of Muhammad bin qasim.

Are arain of Pakistan Arabian descendants?

They came to India with MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM

Muhammad Bin Qasim is closely related to?

Hajjaj Bin Yousif

Information on Mohammad bin Qasim?

why was Muhammad bin qasim called back

Why did Mohammed bin Qasim came to Pakistan?

An Arab trade ship was captured by Hindu pirates near the port of Debal which is believed to be at or around modern Karachi. All the occupants of the ship, including women and children, were made hostages. One of those women's letter, believed to be written with her own blood stating "Al-Madad Ya Hajjaj Al-Madad", was somehow smuggled back to Hajjaj bin Yousuf in Iraq. Hajjaj asked Dahir, the ruling Raja of Debal, to help him get the hostages freed. Raja Dahir refused by saying he had no control over pirates even they worked as his mercenaries. Muhammad bin Qasim was the third general sent to defeat Raja Dahir when two earlier generals died in battles.

Who is the second most powerful in Afghanistan?

The Afghanistan Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim .

What Muslim dynasty attempted to conquer France?

The Arabs did under the rule of Mohammad Bin Qasim.

Who is the most talented bowler to have emerged from in the past of 5 years?

Mohammad Aamir (Qasim Afzaal Gondal)

List the leaders of the three Muslim invasions of India and the date of the invasions?

first was general Muhammad bin Qasim, who was governor of Iran he came in 711. second was Mohammad Ghor, an Afghan warlord he came in 1192. and third was The Mongols who came in 1398.

When was Qasim Umar born?

Umar II was born on 682-11-02.

Mohammad Bin Qasim belong to which caliphate?

mohammed bin qasim may Allah be pleased with him was sent to conqer sind (Pakistan) by hajaj bin yousuf the governer apointed by the caliph al waleed 1 who was a umayed caliph. al waleed also sent armys to al andalus (Spain) under the great comander tarik bin ziad gibralter was subsiquently named after is victorius conquest jabal tarik , the mountain of tarik, gibralter. the caliph al waleed died of illness and was succeded by is brother caliph sulaymaan ibn Abdul malik who apointed the famous ibn umar Abdul aziz has the caiph after him.