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I believe it has to do with the three people he cared the most, these being Andromache his wife, his Father Priam and his mother...

One round per person, I remember the two women begging Priam to stop Achilles' madness and him being the last one to see the horrific scene...

This is just my interpretation tho

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He drag Hector around the city because he wanted to show off that he killed him

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Q: Why did Achilles drag Hector's body around the city three times?
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What did they call a friendly centaur in ancient times?

One was Chiron. He was wise and clever. Achilles, Jason and Peleus were among his disciples.

What is Thetis' reaction after she discovers Achilles has died?

When Achilles was killed by Paris, Thetis came from the sea with the Nereids to mourn him, and she collected his ashes in a golden urn, raised a monument to his memory, and instituted commemorative festivals.Thetis does not need to appeal to Zeus for immortality for her son, but snatches him away to the White Island Leuke in the Black Sea, an alternate Elysium where he has transcended death, and where an Achilles cult lingered into historic times.

How old was Perseus?

It is believed that Perseus was at least 27 years old when she fell in love with the Greek God, Achilles when she got captured and taken to the Greek camp. Perseus got rescued by her cousin, the king of Troy, and taken back with him. When the invasion happened, Achilles was looking for her and she was being held by the King of Greece. She then plunged a knife into his neck thus killing him. When Achilles was there comforting her, Paris saw them and thought Achilles was hurting his cousin, and reached for his arrows. Perseus saw him and screamed, "No! Don't!" but it was too late. The arrow plunged into Achilles' heel, causing him a shock of pain. He was shot three more times in the stomach until he finally went down. Perseus was devastated, but left with Paris. People are saying that Perseus never loved anyone like she loved Achilles, and I, for one, believe that, too. *PLEASE NOTE: I am 11 years old, and I know all this stuff! Mostly from watching 'Troy' over, and over again! :)

Were there rivers in Aztec times?

Yes, there have been more than three rivers in Aztec times.

What roles did Ajax and Achilles have in the Trojan war?

Achilles plays a great role in the Trojan war.When Agamemnon steals the beautiful captive Briseis away from Achilles,Achilles refuses to take part in the war,where after the Greeks suffer one loss after another.But when his best friend Patroclus is killed by Trojan Hector,Achilles emerges vengeful.Thetis has an armor forged for Achilles by the great god Hephaestus.Achilles kills Hector and a great number of other Trojans.Ajax is considered to be the bravest hero,second only to Achilles.In the Trojan war he single-handedly turns back a Trojan counterattack that threatens to set the fleet on fire.ajax and diomedes are considered the second best Greeks next to Achilles, however both of these heroes are more noble, brave and respectful than Achilles. ajax fights hector to duel early in the iliad, and through out the book both heroes try to kill each, both are unsuccesful, though on occassions both heroes get the upper hand on one another, hector forces ajax to retreat several times and also breaks ajax's spear. however ajax also forces hector to retreat on one occasion when he throws a huge boulder at hector. diomedes is also a great fighter but not as good in my opinion as ajax or hector, he always needs the help of odyesseus and like wise odyesseus always needs diomedes's help. ajax and hector fight alone, relying on their own skill. Achilles i would like to point out is not brave, he doesnt fight for most of the iliad, and has no fear of death, that by definition does not define a hero, he doesnt care about anyone or anything expect his feelings and perhaps patroclus.

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What does achillies do with hectors body?

Achilles drags Hector's body to show off that he killed him, as an act of revenge and to make himself feel better about the death of Patroclus, but the God's restored Hector's body, which infuriated Achilles even more. He later on realizes that revenge and violence is not the answer.

Why is Achilles a hero in the movie troy?

He is shot three times by Orlando in the end

Who attempts to break up the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon?

athena did give him back his spear when he threw it at hector who successfully dodged it. but the main help athena gave him was when hector, fearful of achilles's rage, fleed from achilles and ran around troy's wall three times. when they were running around troy for the 4th time, athena persuaded hector to stop the chase and face achilles in war

If Achilles and a tortoise race and Achilles is 10 times faster but the tortoise is given a start of 10 meters will Achilles ever pass the tortoise?


What are differences in Achilles' character in Troy and Iliad?

In Iliad, they make it seem like Achilles is a horrible person, who kills hector but in the movie, Brad Pitt, who is playing Achilles is a good person and kills Hector because Hector kills Achilles's cousin..Hi,Just adding to the said above.In the Iliad, Homers portrayed Achilles as a God, who was as if he was immortal. As well as a disturbed, human being.Where in The Movie Troy, Achilles was believed to show "Human like emotions", As well as being a godlike creature who is Immortal.These Differences are shown in the scene in both the poem and the movie, where Priam King of Troy, goes to Achilles at the Greek WAR camp as for Prince Hectors Dead Body back.In the Iliad- Achilles says, that Hectors Body is for the dogs and the bird, to feed on. Where he shows NO emotion. King Priam Offered a ransom, for hectors body which was hectors weight in gold and one on Priams own Daughters hand in marriage.In the Movie- Achilles shows great emotion toward Priam, and even cried over Hectors body while wrapping Hectors body for Priam to Take back to Troy for His funeral.I hope I have helped!Eryn.Oh, by the way Achilles Cousin name was Patroculus who died in both the movie and the book. However, He wasn't only Achilles's cousin, he was also Achilles's Lover!

Did Achilles the warrior work for Julius Caesar?

No- Achilles is a figment of mythology, but Julius Caesar is an actual figure from ancient Roman times.

How many times did Achilles chase hector around the city wall?

three times, if you mean when achilleus is chasing him. then he stands and fights because the grey eyed athene tricks him into thinking his dead brother will help him in the battle against brilliant achilleus

How does Achilles finally kill Hector?

There was a duel between Hector and Achilles , and Achilles was successful in killing Hector late in the day. it wasnt really a duel, it was an unfair fight, athene helped Achilles overcome hector. Achilles was also wearing god's amour and was fed on ambrosia, Achilles had refused to eat and both Odysseus and Zeus realised that a starved Achilles would be no match for a well fed hector. Achilles killed hector by thrusting his spear into his neck, the only vulnerable spot on hector's body when he was wearing Achilles' armour. both heroes exchanged spear throws, Achilles missed but athene returned his spear, hector did not miss and hit Achilles' shield, however he was tricked by athene who disguised herself as hector's brother deiphoubus holdind another spear for him and then abandoned him. hector then charges Achilles, knowing he is going to die, with his sword and he is likened to a high flying eagle, noble and strong swooping down upon Achilles who is likened to a timid hare. Achilles with athene's help slays his enemy and then proceeds to maltreat hector, this act was deemed disgusting and wrong in homeric times and still today. Zeus grows enfuriated by this as hector was his favourite mortal, aswell as Apollo's and perhaps even ares. Achilles is not the true hero of the iliad and in my view is not even a hero at all. homer intends us to feel great pathos, sympathy, for hector the greatest hero for so many more reasons than just a talented warrior. he is the most noble and brave character in Homer's Iliad.

In two extended similes, Hector and Achilles are compared to animals. Find these epic similes (Homeric similes). What comparisons are made in each simile?

The simile that best describes their characteristics begins in line 194 until line 198. Homer compares them to stallions as Achilles chases Hector around the city of Priam three times before Hector encounters Deiphobus, Hector’s brother, who Athena takes form of to deceive him

If you toss three coins 360 times how many times can you expect the coins to have three heads showing?

around 45

Who is the of iliads?

The focus of the epic is Achilles, as the firs line sets the scene by introducing the rage of Achilles, Peleus' son; a theme which re-appears numerous times in the story.

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