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Because flying too high would allow the sun's heat to melt the wax that held the wings together, causing the wings to fall apart, and Icarus to then fall to his death. Which is what happens in the story.

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Q: Why did Daedalus tell Icarus to fly at a middle height?
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What did Daedalus tell Icarus to do?

Daedalus tells Icarus not to go up to high or else the wax will melt of the wings

Who flew too near the sun in Greek myth?

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Who was the birdman in Greek Mythology?

You probably mean Daedalus, the inventor, and his son, Icarus? Daedalus was the one who invented king Minos's maze, and was then locked into it so he couldn't tell anyone how to solve it. He then invented wings for him and his son to escape.

Why did Daedalus tell Icarus not fly too near to the sea?

Because he didn't want the wax holding the feathers in place to melt. Which is what happened when Icarus forgot and flew too close to the Sun. The wax melted and the feathers came loose and fell off.

What does wings of icarus mean?

Icarus tried to fly with wax wings. As he neared the sun his wax wings melted. I couldn't tell you the moral of the story.

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No one really knows for sure... Nintendo is bound to say something one day! (Spoiler! In how to play mode in the beginning even Pit ask who Icarus is but Palutena doesn't tell him...)

Which words from the poem best tell how Bruegel treats the fall of Icarus Insignificant and unnoticed?

The words "when he [Icarus] fell" and "splash" best convey how Bruegel treats the fall of Icarus as insignificant and unnoticed in the poem. These words suggest a brief and almost dismissive treatment of a significant event, highlighting the lack of attention or importance given to Icarus' demise.

Which words from the poem best tell how Brueghel treats the fall of Icarus?

Insignificant, unnoticed. APEX

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