Why did Greeks believe in gods?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Most humans believe in either one single God or a number of gods.

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Q: Why did Greeks believe in gods?
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What did Greeks believe their gods were?


Did the Greeks have a story about how the gods die?

No, Greeks believed that their gods were immortal, as every people believe for their god.

Why did the Greeks believe in hesta?

Why do Christians believe in Jesus? Why do Muslims believe in Allah? Because they are their gods. Humans want something to worship, and for the Greeks, it was their gods, including Hestia.

What kind of gods did the Greeks believe in?

The Greek gods, the ones who are in the myths.

Who did the Greeks believe were the gods of the sea?


Do you believe in Greek gods?

No, but the ancient Greeks did.

Did the Greeks and Romans influence religion during the renaissance?

i believe the greeks believed the gods were punishing them so i believe they influenced there religion by praying to the gods to forgive them and trying to please the gods

How did the Greeks think of their gods?

The Greeks did not believe that gods and goddesses were all powerful. They did have special powers, but they were just as flawed as humans.

Who is one of the Greeks gods?

Zeus. I believe is one.

What role did Greeks believe their gods plated in daily life?

Greeks believed that gods represented daily events such as rain and sunshine.

How many Greeks believe in angels?

none at all they only believe in gods

What did the Ancient Greeks believe about gods?

they do not belive in them