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Many ancient Greeks became traders because unless you were rich or a slave there was no other job opportunity and sailors because their lives were dependent and surrounded by the sea and so this was an expected career for them.

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Q: Why did many greeks become traders and sailors?
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Why did the Greeks become sailors and traders insted of farming?

The Greeks aren't farmers because the land is very rocky and not fertile. They can grow some things, like olives, but not many things are able to sprout in the rocky ground. Becoming a sailor is smarter because, in Greece, you are never more than 85 miles from the sea.

What did the mountainous land in Greece encouraged the Greeks to do?

Many Greeks became sailors and traded with other people.

What is Many ancient Greeks lived near the sea and became fishers sailorand?


How many miles Greeks sailors travel between Athens and Naples?

about 400 miles:):)

Why were there so many traders and sailors in ancient Greece?

Because 1/5 of the land was only good for farming.

What forced the ancient Greeks to become traders?

The ancient Greeks became traders because the rough geography and poor farmland of Greece made growing crops and needed food supplies difficult. Many city states formed colonies in places like Ionia, and then traded with them, or traded with the colonies of other city states. They also traded with other places to get other materials besides food.

Why are Greeks considered as a good sailor?

Greeks are considered good sailors due to their maritime culture that dates back centuries, their geographical proximity to the sea, and their historical importance in naval trade and exploration. The Greeks have a long tradition of seafaring skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations.

What caused Darius to first become angry with the Greeks?

Many Greeks stated that Greece was more advanced than Persia.

Why did Zheng He's fleet try to reach many new places?

the Chinese wanted to become better sailors

How many sailors were on the mayflower?

3 flags

How many options traders in US?

The exact number of option traders fluctuates weekly. There are thousands of firms across the United States. Many traders exist in these companies as well as the multitudes of home traders.

What effects did geography have on the way Greeks met their needs?

Geography influences all nations. Greece includes mainland Greece (part of the Eurasian continent) and a whole lot of islands (known as the Grecian Archepelago) The Greeks became very good sailors because of the need to get from island to island and anywhere else. The British became very good sailors for the same reason. The Greeks -at least the Athenians-valued knowledge and education. Many royal and aristocratic households all over the ancient world had Greek tutors for their children.