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Q: Why did most ancient Greeks travel in groups when traveling by land?
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When traveling by land in Greece was difficult the Greeks?

The Ancient Greeks traveled by the sea because the land was to mountainous to travel by foot. The Ancient Greeks traveled by foot, cart, chariot and ship.

How did Greeks travle?

The ancient Greeks used to travel mainly by walking or running to their destination. If they were wealthy, then they may have had access to horses or chariots to use for traveling.

What sea did the ancient Greeks travel on?

The Aegean sea.... Your welcome :]

How did the ancient Greeks travel to the ancient Greek Olympics?

They walked, rode horses or asses, walked, or came by boat.

Where did the ancient Greeks travel?

anywhere they wanted but they never came very far by land travel

Why did the ancient Greeks travel?

In pursuit of knowledge, trade and financial advantage.

What did ancient Egyptians use for long distance travel?

Traveling With Others

Why did the ancient greeks like to travel on land?

Basically because it was one of the earliest known way to travel.

Why Did The Greeks Travel mostly by sea?

Because that was there main route of Transportation. And it help them discover more lands.

What purpose did they travel for in ancient Greeks?

They traveled to get needed suppliesfrom other islands and to have wars.

Which seas would ancient Greeks sail across to travel from Macedonia to Egypt?

They would travel across the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

Why do you think Greece sea travel was so important to Greeks?

Take a look at ancient Greece on a map. There are many islands and much coastland. Travel by water is much faster than by land. The ancient Greeks traded with many people all around the Mediterranean.