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The Greeks run naked , because if they would wear clothes they would maybe trip over them and fall :Þ

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Q: Why did the Greeks run naked?
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Why did the Greeks run the Olympics naked?

It was their custom.

Are all gods and goddesses naked?

In order to be naked, they would first have to have bodies. When they did, they were invariably clothed, because there are stories in which they make a point of noting that the god or goddess was disrobed. You wouldn't need to make that distinction unless the figure was normally clothed. Look at it this way - the Greeks gods were just an extension of the Greeks themselves. And contrary to common belief, the Greeks didn't run around naked.

What did the ancient Greeks where to school?

nothing they were naked

Why are the sculptures in Greece naked?

The Greeks thought that the human body was beautiful: so they showed it naked.

Why is gymnos the Greek word for naked?

Traditionally Greeks wrestled naked. They believed that this was a tribute to the Greek gods.

Did the Greeks only wear togas for the Olympics?

no, they were naked without clothes.

What did the greeks wear in the olympics?

they went naked. The body was something to be proud of

Who would watch the Ancient Olympic Games?

the ancient Greeks came up with the idea of the Olympics. the partakers would run naked. only men were allowed to watch and take part.

What do you call a naked run?

A streak.

Can one run around naked?

Of course you CAN run around naked - but in most parts of the world you MAY not as it's illegal.

Why did ancient Greek athletes compete naked?

Back in Greece those day Greeks competed naked because the people thought that the naked body of athletes was a thing of beauty. because of their naked body they were as noble as their philosophers.

What did they wear in the first Ancient Games?

nothing, they were naked as the Greeks liked the human body

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