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Since foood, materials and tools weren't mass produced, everything was relitavely expensive for the consumers.

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Q: Why did the Romans have such large expenses?
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Why did Romans have to work?

The Romans had to work for the same reasons that we have to work. They had to make a living. Their welfare program of free food and oil did not cover all their living expenses, just as our welfare programs do not cover all living expenses.

What is the biggest expenses with a large family?


Who ran the daily operations of large Romans farms?

The Romans had a person to manage it and oversee the slaves.

What did the Ancient Romans call a large open area?

The ancient Romans called any large open area a campus. An example is the Campus Martius at Rome.

What coins did the romans use?

The Romans used large, thick gold coins. Each coin was called an aureus.

Is wages payable is an example of an expense?

Well, yes ...but, there are different kinds of expenses: operational expenses, such as a payroll are not the same as, say, capital expenses, such as buying a large piece of equipment. Capital expenses are writable (taken off taxes) while many operational expenses are not (marketing and advertising expenses, for example, are).-InThree21 (B.A. Business; maybe an MBA could have a better answer!)

What is the nationality of rome?

Most Romans are Italian although there is a large number of foreigners there as is in any large city.

Who did the ancient Romans worship?

The religion of the Romans/Latins was polytheistic, which means that it had many gods. The Romans worshiped a very large number of gods. This was because that is how it was. Ancient religions were polytheistic.

Did Romans live in houses?

Yes, the Romans lived in houses. Their housing ranged from the tenement apartments, to large mansions, to country estates.

What culture defined the ancient Romans but was not Roman?

To a large degree, the ancient Romans borrowed much of Hellenistic culture from the ancient Greeks.

The romans were another advanced civilization in Euorope List some things given to us by the romans?

The Romans played a large role in the spread of Christianity in Europe. The Romans advanced civilization paved the way for democratic ideals.

Was the Romans in world war 2?

In the modern world (and in WW II) the Romans are the inhabitants of the city of Rome, which is the capital of Italy. In the ancient world, the ancient Romans conquered a large empire.