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Because they wanted to kill people who wanted to rob their stuff

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Q: Why did the egyptians curse the tombs?
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What kind of writing did Egyptians use in their tombs?

Hieroglyphics was the name for the Egyptians' writing inside the tombs.

What kind of stones did Egyptians use to build their tombs?

The Egyptians used limestone to build their tombs :) This is not correct <<<

What Egyptians built?

The Egyptians built pyramids as the tombs of their kings.

What did the ancient egyptians use there pyrmids for?

To put the tombs in and in the tombs there are dead mummified people.

Why tombs were built?

Tombs were built for the Egyptians of Egypt mainly for the Pharaohs or the strongly remembered

Did the Egyptians build pyramids as tombs?


What did the egyptians call the tombs of the pharohs?


How were beliefs about the afterlife linked to items placed on the tombs?

the Egyptians believed that what they placed in the tombs would go to with them to the afterlife. :) <3

Why did the Egyptians set up the tomb?

Egyptians built tombs to bury their dead kings in.

Why were pyramids needed in the pyramids?

for ancient Egyptians tombs

Why did the egyptians make tombs?

because they felt like it

What was placed in the tombs by the egyptians?

The king with some treasure.