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I don’t know

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Q: Why do campers burn their food for the gods?
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Why do campers burn their food for the gods in lightning thief?

It shows respect and gratitude.

Why do the campers feed the fire with their best food at dinner lightning thief?

The campers scrape a part of their meal into the fire as an offering to the gods.

How is The Lightning Thief related to Greek culture?

it uses Greek gods anything else? the campers throw food to the gods into the fire and pray.

Why did people burn food for the Greek gods?

They burned food as an offering, believing the smell to be pleasing to the gods.

How did Greeks individually worship their gods?

their kids when they ate they would burn a portion of their food in a fire

Why do campers and soldiers use freeze dry food?

Because they are light.

How did the Greek gods food help the Greeks?

Ambrosia and Nectar are the sacred food of the Greek Gods. It is said to taste like the beholder's favorite food and was only eaten by the Gods and demi-Gods. It was made by the Goddesses Demeter(Goddess of the Fields) and her immortal daughter, Persephone(Goddess of Nature/Plants and Goddess of the Underworld, Hades' wife). If any mortals(humans) take it, they will burn up into nothing but a pile of ashes.

Why did Odysseus and his men burn an offering to the gods?

Odysseus and his men survived a shipwreck and offered to burn a ram to thank the gods for not making their journey worse.

What is the duration of Food for the Gods?

The duration of Food for the Gods is 600.0 seconds.

Did garder of the gods burn in the waldo canyon fire?


What is the pronoun of this sentence The deliciouse food was divided by the campers?

I can't see a pronoun in that sentence.

Is steak considered a food of the gods?

No. The traditional food of the gods was nectar and ambrosia.