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Because she is Hercules's love interest

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Q: Why is the beautiful Megara Hercules' weakness?
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What Hercules weakness?

The beautiful Megara is Hercules' weakness.

What is Hercules' weakness?

The beautiful Megara is Hercules' weakness.

Which Disney movie is the character Megara from?

Megara, voiced by Susan Egan, is from Disney's Hercules(1997).

Did Megara become Hercules wife?

Megara was the first wife of Hercules. He afterward in madness killed his children by her.

Who did Megara love and marry?


What was the girls name from Hercules?


Did Hercules marry megara?

Yes, I believe after he killed Megara, he was given the 12 tasks. After this, by the by, he married Deianira, who he won from the river god Achelous.

Which Disney Princess is Meg?

Megara from Hercules

Who sings we won't say I am in love Disney Hercules?

A girl named Megara, who won't say she's in love with Hercules. The voice of Megara is Susan Egan.

How many wife's did Hercules have?

he had two Megara and Acheloos

How did Megara from Hercules die and start working for Hades?

Megara from Hercules started working for Hades because she exchanged her soul so that she could save her ex-boyfriend.

Was Odysseus in love with Helen of Troy?

Hades and Hercules were in love with Megara... but Hercules met Megara a lot of times Then Hades got angry and wanted to marry Megara so he needed a idea to separate Hercules from Megara and kill Hercules. Hercules was not evil but Hades was evil and Hades was the God of the Underworld and the King of the Darkness...Hercules was a Hercules had to kill Hades and protect his family when ever Hades gets a plan or idea Hercules had to listen to the idea but if he didn't he still would stop Hades doing his plan or idea.