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Because when his mother dipped him in the Styx, that is where she held on to him so she could pull him out. So the rest of him was impervious to almost anything, but in that one spot, he was still normal.

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due to Achilles mother Achilles heal was his weakest point because that is were she held him as she dipped him into the river styxs to make him immortal

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Q: Why was Achilles' heel his weak spot?
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What was Achilles's weak spot?

Achilles' heel was his weak spot thus the saying that someone's weakness is their "Achilles heel."

Why is a weak point called an Achilles Heel?

Achilles is a famous greek warrior and his only weak spot was his heel. that's why its called an Achilles heel. it means a weak spot.

Where is Achilles's weak spot?

His heel

What does Greek hero Achilles stands for?

Achilles was dipped into river Styx by the heel when he was a baby and in ancient Greek legends the river would make you invincible but you had to have a weak spot so achilles heel was his weak spot. So the term Achilles heel is used it means your weak spot.

What will bring about Achilles death?

a blow to his heel which was his weak spot which is the meaning of the phrase ''your Achilles heel''

How did Paris killed Achilles if he is invincible?

He had a weak spot on his heel that is why a weakness is called an Achilles heel

How do you die from getting show with an arrow in the Achilles heel?

Achilles died because his heel was his weak spot

Where is Luke castellan's weak spot?

After bathing in the River Styx his "Achilles Heel" or weak spot was his underarm.

What phrase describes weak point or vulnerable spot?

Achilles Heel

What 3 words that describe weakness?

Weak spot, weak point, Achilles' heel...

What is the modern expression that refers to a person's weak spot and is based on a figure from greek mythology?

An "Achilles heel" is a person with a weak spot.

What was Apollo's weak spot?

I think you are confused with Achilles, whose weak spot was his heel. Apollo doesn't have a weak spot but, if he is wounded he will bleed the immortal blood of the gods.